Friday, August 31, 2012

TuneIn Radio Pro 6.5 Apk

Requirements: Android 1.6+

Overview: Browse and listen to radio -- live, local and global.

 Listen to the world.

 TuneIn is a new way to listen to the world through live local and global radio from wherever you are. Whether you want music, sports, news or current events, TuneIn offers over 50,000 stations and 1.2 million on-demand programs for you to choose from. The TuneIn Radio Pro app for Android puts this entire experience in the palm of your hand with the added benefit of recording what you’re listening to (requires memory card).

 Important Update: This new version of TuneIn (5.3) includes Car Mode, which lets you listen to your favorite music, sports and news simply by speaking a command into your Android phone or tablet. This update also includes extra large buttons for easy viewing and control.

 What's in this version:

 All of the features in TuneIn Radio, plus:

 • You can now schedule recordings! Starting from the “Now Playing” screen of the station you want to record, just tap the settings button, select “Options,” and enter the time and duration of your desired recording, tapping “save” when finished.

 - Fixed issue with Play + Pause button.

 - Fixed force close issues reported on Nexus One and MyTouch

 - Fixed issue with now playing screen and swipe experience .

Download Instructions:


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BIG! caller ID Pro v2.1.6 Apk

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Overview: Beautify your caller ID screen!

 ------------------- NEW THEMES HAVE ARRIVED!

 Beautify your caller ID screen! Set a full-screen photo for your friends and enjoy vivid and high definition caller photo.

 !(BETA version for Android 2.3 - the app might behave in a different way than a stock caller ID)

 ------------------- FEATURES:

 + connect with facebook, and download full-screen photos automatically(and browse albums!),

 + customize caller ID screen content,

 + switch between caller screen Themes, choose click or slider,

 + choose full screen caller ID for all or only a few contacts,

 + full screen caller for incoming calls,

 + full screen caller for outgoing calls.

 ------------------- THEMES EDITOR:

 1) go to Themes,

 2) select and edit,

 3) move buttons by holding and dragging,

 4) switch to slider with a single click on a button

 (FIRST you need to drag a button to the edge of the screen)

 5) change default contact photo from the MENU button,

 6) switch to other states of a call by swiping left or right,

 7) reset to default from the MENU button

 - In the full version you can create your own theme by mixing buttons of installed themes.

 Registering the app:

 - Choose "Unlock Full Version"

 - Choose "Enter the key"

 - Choose "Verify" (no key needed)

 - Enjoy full version

 What's in this version:

 • Facebook bugfix

Download: Released by chathu_ac

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Wave Control Pro v2.26 Apk

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Control Your Music With a Wave of Your Hand!

 Uses the proximity sensor on your phone to allow control of your music playback by waving your hand over your phone. No need to turn on your screen or even touch your phone at all!

 As seen on:


 *Huffington Post*

 *Pro Version*

 -No Ads

 -More Commands

 -Assign Which Gesture Does Which Command

 Coming Soon:

 More Features - feel free to email any requests you have

 Update the UI

 Easy to use, just wave your hand over the sensor (usually located just next to the earpiece on your phone).

 Holding it there will Pause/Resume

 One wave across will go to the Next Song

 Two waves across will go to the Previous Song

 Three times (needs to be fast) will Pause or Resume the controls

 *Be sure to enable Headset Button Control in your player of choice

 Some Notes:

 There is a little less than a second to register your waves.

 Tip for the hover gesture: if you move your hand away too quickly it'll register a wave

 After an action, there is a 1 second delay before another gesture will be registered

 Will work with any player that accepts headset (media button) controls

 If the screen is off or another app is in focus, phone vibrates once on pause control and twice on resume controls

 Practice your wave techniques by checking the "Last Action"

 If you're getting another player responding to the commands, check if that app has the option to disable headset button controls


 I have read that the sensor will behave differently on different phones. I don't have the resources to have a bunch of phones around to test on. If there is a problem with the app, please email me at and give me a chance to figure it out before leaving a bad review!

 And… there is a chance this app may not be compatible with your phone.. sorry. I'll do my best to keep the compatibility list up to date so future users won't run into issues.

 Permissions Needed:

 Wake Lock: So it will work when the screen is off

 Read Phone State: So it won't do anything when you're on a call

 Vibrate To use when screen if off or app not in focus

Download: Released by chathu_ac

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Aurora GO LauncherEX Theme v1.0 APK

Aurora theme for GO LauncherEX!

Aurora GO LauncherEX Theme

  • Currently 30+ icons

  • Wallpaper of the topic

  • he weather widget named"Weather forecast"on the screenshot

If you like this theme, Please give us the score in the market!check out our other themes. Click on "More from the developer" or search for Freedom Design here in the market.


  • GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX installed. 

  • Search “GO Launcher EX” on Google Play Shop and install it for free.

How to Apply the Theme
  • Directly open the theme after successful installation. 

  • or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.

How to Change Wallpaper
  • Click Menu>Wallpaper, and select the wallpaper you like.

How to Change App Icons
  • (Some devices might not automatically apply the icons)

  • Long press some app icon>Replace>Theme’s icon, and then choose the icon you like.

Required Android O/S : 2.0+

Babel Rising 3D v1.7.1 APK

Play God Almighty to unleash your wrath upon Humans in Babel Rising 3D!

Babel Rising 3D v1.7.1
Play God Almighty in Babel Rising 3D to prevent the Babylonians from building the famous Babel tower. Unleash your wrath and mortify these arrogant humans with your divine powers. Summon bolts of lightning, massive earthquakes, meteor showers or vengeful floods upon the Babylonians: The perfect apocalyptic arsenal.

Your divine intervention will be crucial to resist to the numerous waves of miscreant builders, blasphemer priests or damned urn carriers! Rely on tactics and strategy to achieve the solo campaign and endure an epic survival mode.

There will be no mercy!


  • The world’s best 3D graphics available on mobiles and tablets for an epic gaming experience.

  • Punish pretentious Babylonians through 15 missions in the single-player campaign and test your Godly stamina in the survival mode.

  • Master the 4 elements of fire, air, earth and water, each having specific powers.

  • Help your fight with passive powers and divine parchments.

  • Access social benefits with Papaya’s community.

  • Optimized controls for mobiles and tablets with a multi-touch and motion controlled gameplay to easily crush mankind.

What's in this version: (Updated : Aug 30, 2012)
  • Improved inputs for the trail power and the camera.

  • Fixed the freeze in loading screen after receiving a call

  • Fixed SD card install issue for Xperia users

Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Horn™ v0.9.4 APK

Visually Stunning 3rd person Adventure Exclusive To Mobile!

HORN is a 3rd person action adventure game - a completely unique experience where anyone can fully explore and enjoy a beautiful and engaging console-style world, all controllable by touch gestures.

You play as a young blacksmith's apprentice named Horn who wakes up to find your village and lands over run by large fantastic, and sometimes humorous, monsters. It is revealed these creatures are actually the people and animals from your village transformed by a curse, and you alone have the power to free them. On your incredible adventure you carry the loud-mouthed head of one such fantastic creature with you - a somewhat uncooperative and ill-tempered but grudgingly helpful sidekick. Along with this new companion you must use your sword, crossbow, trusty musical horn, and wits to explore the lands, defeat the enemies, and solve puzzles in your quest to undo the curse that engulfs your homeland.

Horn features:

  • Accessible controls that anyone can use- walking, jumping, crawling, even grapple hook, are all performed with intuitive gestures 

  • Freely navigable console-quality detailed world- go wherever you want; not confined to limited path or rail 

  • A rich and unique fantasy world 

  • Touch-friendly melee combat and crossbow style weapons 

  • 3 unique and beautiful lands to discover 

  • Endlessly escalating challenge modes 

  • Hidden side content to discover 

  • Score written by award winning Austin Wintory and performed with full live orchestra 

Optimized for Tegra2 and Tegra3 devices.

Required Android O/S : 3.2+

Thursday, August 30, 2012

HD Contact Photos Donate v8.1.9 Apk App

 Requirements: Android 2.2+

 Overview: Native Google contacts app uses a strangely lower resolution (96x96px).

 This was normal in the firsts Android versions.

 The new phones includes a large amount of memory and a large screens, and also, the new Android version (Ice Cream Sandwitch) predisposes to a better user experience.

 But, by default, the contact photos stored in Android 4.0 uses the older resolution (96x96px), and the photo contacts appears pixelated.

 With this app you can make a bulk update of your contact photos to a increased resolution (256x256px) that's shows much better in your new devices.

 Also, in older devices, that aren't running ICS, the app allows to make a bulk photo contacts update and increase the resolution to the device max supported size.

 Finally, if you have rooted your device, you can increase the size of the contact photos to 400x400px (or more). That sounds good in devices with a large screen, like Galaxy Note.


 1) Place the desired contact photos (in PNG or JPG format) in a folder of your sdcard. I recommend to use square photos.

 2) Open the app

 3) Click settings and configure the sources folder to the stored photos folder

 4) Go main window in the app

 5) Select the photos that you want to update

 6) Click the update photos button (the photos was automatically resized to the max resolution supported by the device).

 * If you want to use photos greater than the maximum supported device size, you need to be rooted. If you're rooted, go

 settings, check the "Use HD photos" checkbox then apply the desired photos.

 Please, if you have troubles or issues, contact with the developers via email or at the XDA thread.

 What's in this version:

 - Added ads in free app version (i'm sorry)

 - Null pointer exception error solved in prefs (Android 4.1)

 Download Instructions:

EZ Launcher v0.4.8 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: EZ Launcher, the most convenent way to operate your phone.

 EZ Launcher(beta) is coming, a cool home replacement app, with the most convenient way to operate & organize your phone.


 - Genius app list brings you the app you most want

 - Auto category can help you automatically categorize your apps

 - Quick app search to find the app you want in app list directly

 - Pre-loaded app manager tool with all task manager, uninstaller, app2sd and etc functions in one place

 - Useful and handy widgets: Clock & Weather Widget, Task Manager Widget, SMS Widget, Switch Widget, Bookmark Widget, Calendar Widget

 - Hide folders page, hide apps in app drawer

 - 7x24 hours tech support from INFOLIFE Team

 EZ Launcher is still in beta test version, so if you have any bugs or suggestions, please contact us to help us improve the app.

 We are trying our best to MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER with great productions and services!


 INFOLIFE, Make Your Life Easier!


 What's in this version:

 -v0.4.8 beta

 #Fix freeze bug after uninstallation

 #Improve genius sort algorithm

 #Fix refresh bug in app drawer

 #Fix doc icon bug

 -v0.4.7 beta

 # Fix UI bug

 # Add 2 new wall papers

 # Add geusture support

 -v0.4.6 beta

 # Auto scale home screen columns & rows for different devices

 # Auto scale doc

 # Fix widget bugs

Download Instructions: 


IM+ Pro v6.3.6 Apk App

Requirements: 2.1+

Overview: Beep, Skype, MSN, Facebook Chat, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, VKontakte & more.

 IM+ Pro. One app, all your messaging.

 IM+ Pro has all your messaging needs covered, regardless of whether you want to text your address book contacts or stay in touch with your IM contacts.

 Introducing Beep: free mobile-to-mobile in-app messenger.

 We figured you've been looking for a free alternative to SMS for a while now. And now we've got that right in IM+ Pro.

 Whenever you send and receive text messages, photos or voice messages, IM+ Beep will make sure that your message was successfully sent and notify you when it is safely delivered. Push will make incoming messages instantly pop up on your device.

 Always on, always instant, always fun.

 IM+ Pro supports all major IM services, including Facebook, Skype, MSN/Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM/iChat, ICQ, RenRen, Jabber, VKontakte, Yandex IM, Odnoklassniki.Ru and Mail.Ru Agent.

 Below you may find the list of other amazing features which will definitely take your mobile IM experience to the next level:

 - UI is optimized for both Android smartphones and Android tablet computers

 - Send text messages, photos, and voice notes

 - Group chats in Skype, MSN, AIM, ICQ

 - Chat history

 - Multiple accounts per service

 - Create personal and geo status messages

 - Customize your IMing experience with different sound notifications and emoticons

 - Typing notifications

 …and we're not done yet, new IM+ features will keep coming!

 What's new in version 6.3.5? You can see full changelog here

 Message queue: outgoing messages are queued if network is not available and will be automatically sent when network connection is restored

 New IM services: mig33, SINA Weibo, Mamba.Ru and Fetion

 Option to set Master Password

 Preview for images and videos in chat window

 File info

 Size: 6331130 bytes

 MD5: 037AB10FDE7D4C275130DA0101D5DA52

 SHA1: 2E3FE46158C230F3EA972C8EE594138FE4D11CA6

 CRC32: 42F5FD95

Download Instructions:


Assaulter-Special v1.00.00 (Free Shopping)

Assaulter-Special v1.00.00 (Free Shopping)
Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: The most interesting, stimulating and striking shooting game is Here!

Assaulter ranks top 10 in app store of more than 50 countries, achieving over 5 million downloads, and is the most interesting, stimulating and striking shooting game! Its Android version ranks top 20 in app store of more than 50 countries, and ranks the 13th in North America.
Fierce gunfight game comes on stage with a variety of weapons, sophisticated levels and delicate pictures. Disgustful terrorists have brought the world too many disasters, pains and angers. Their crimes must be subject to sanctions! Come on and join us to complete combat missions around the world. Pick up your weapons and shoot them to death!
There will be no coward in anti-terrorist combats.
Game Features:
Assaulter provides 120 levels of different funs!
With the marine, terrestrial and aerial settings, you can defeat all terrorists in skyscrapers, on luxury cruises or old trains! All levels can be repeatedly challenged and replayed.

Ten Cities for Redemption!
Assaulter can bring you to almost everywhere in the world, Saudi Arabia, the Caribbean, Las Vegas, London, Africa, the Pacific Oceans, Hong Kong, Australia, New York, Pakistan and so on, bringing you into different anti-terrorist combats.

Powerful Terrorists!
Religious extremists with bombs all over them, gunships with air-to-ground guided missiles, submarines in the deep ocean, killing machines developed by anti-humanity doctors…different kinds of enemies make the game full of challenges!

3 Anti-Terrorist Fighters for Your Choice!
Strikers, snipers, and blasters have their unique characteristics and distinct weapons to fight terrorists!
Don’t forget grenades!
Don’t be afraid. No matter how powerful enemies are, highly lethal grenades can sweep them all!
You will become the unrivalled anti-terrorist fighter!
Remember to update your weapons, like assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, armors and grenade clips. Bear that in mind: you can only defeat stronger enemies after you get stronger!
Infinite gold is waiting for you!
Don’t worry about money, and we have infinite money for you to win. If you achieve “magic” level at each pass, the magic “infinite money” will come to you!
The anti-terror war has begun. Come and join us!

Released by -Market Militia

Mod note:
- in-app billing cracked

More Info:


Download Instructions:

Wave Control Pro v2.25

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

*Wave Control Pro v2.25*
_Requirements:_ Android 2.2 and up
_Overview:_ Control Your Music With a Wave of Your Hand!


Clouds &amp; Sheep Premium v1.5.0

Clouds & Sheep Premium v1.5.0
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: They're cute, they're fluffy and they love to play!

They're cute, they're fluffy and they love to play!

Cute, fluffy and longing for your touch.

* Play without ads and start with 1000 Happy Stars! *

Care for a flock of adorable little sheep. Feed them, play with them, hook up pairs to create offspring and become the best shepherd of all time!


The game features parental lock functionality to protect against accidental in-app purchases by children.

The parental lock is accessible from the game's setting menu.


- Innovative casual gameplay

- Interact with adorable sheep

- Manipulate clouds and weather

- More than 20 bonus items, toys and gadgets

- 58 dynamic challenges

- Colourful settings

- Open-ended gameplay

- Heart-meltingly cute graphics

- Take screenshots and share them with your friends

- Parental lock to disable in-app purchases

Clouds & Sheep is a charming sandbox game featuring, well, clouds and sheep. Excessively cute sheep. The laid-back pace, mellow gameplay and adorable graphics make Clouds & Sheep an ideal game for casual gamers, as well as more serious gamers who want to take a break from the wanton slaughter and crushing challenges of more hardcore game titles.

If you keep the woollen fluff balls well-fed, healthy and entertained, they'll reward you with Happy Points and make lots of little baby sheep. If you neglect them, the bleating ingrates may glower at you or even have the nerve to die off! Luckily, you can spend your Happy Points on lots of different items that make your life easier.

A good shepherd cares for his sheep, especially when they're as cute as this particular flock. There is one problem, though: adorable as they may be, they’re not very smart. If there's a poisonous mushroom, they'll eat it. When the sun is shining, they'll just stand there until they have a heatstroke - and when the weather turns bad, they'll happily stand in the rain until they catch a cold.

So in addition to providing for their basic needs like food and water, you'll also have to save them from their own stupidity. It’s not all work, though, there is also plenty of play! The walking balls of wool love it when you play and interact with them and that’s fun and rewarding in its own right.

What's in this version:

Added scoring system and Facebook integration

Minor bugfixes

More Info:


Download: Released by chathu_ac

Lucky v1.0 APK

"Lucky" is a brand new adventure game created especially for the Kindle Fire.

As a hotshot hedge fund manager, William had it all. He was smart, handsome and wealthy; he never once questioned his success or place in the world. After a one-night stand, he is forced to face the truth about himself. Did he earn what he had or was just luck?

You are the young hotshot and need to discover the secrets of your own success. For the first time, you need to open you eyes and see the truth. It is going to hurt.

"Lucky" is a brand new adventure game created especially for the Kindle Fire. In this beautiful "point and click" style game, you will solve puzzles and discover secrets about yourself and your family's fortunes. Your only hope is to discover what everyone hides. For the first time, luck will have nothing to do with your success.


  • Unique story driven adventure

  • Created especially for the Amazon Kindle Fire

  • Solve puzzles and explore the differences between luck and skill

  • Beautiful graphics and animation

  • Mature and intelligent story

Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Kamasutra 4D HD v13.0 APK

Our application provides you the opportunity to plunge into another world, it has a romantic atmosphere of its own, which is created by using three-dimensional graphics and beautiful music.

You will be able to discover something new or remember a forgotten old.

In the application, you will be able to sort on those positions that you know or who would like to explore.

There is also an opportunity to make a surprise in the choice of poses for your love game;)

All positions can be freely scaled and rotated.


  • The unique scenes in full 3D

  • 3D Characters

  • Real / Honest 3D graphics

  • Monthly updates free + new features

What's in this version : (Updated : Aug 18, 2012)
  • more androids added

Download : 22.4Mb APK

Lexios - 3D Action Battle Game v1.04 APK

Lexios is an action game featuring warrior's battle against vicious enemies in virtual medieval period.

Battle action coming with beautiful graphics and players have challenges to finish before final stage completed.

The main enemy characters change every stage and it becomes hard to defeat without necessary tools somewhere on the stage.
What's in this version : (Updated : Aug 26, 2012)
  • Fixed the bug of view position

Download : 50Mb APK

Ocean HD v1.1 APK

Explore exotic sealife at the depths of the ocean - in true 3D!

Dive down and immerse yourself in your own underwater world every time you use your device.

Explore the pristine waters of a deep ocean environment teeming with exotic sea life. Discover a sunken ship, coral reef, and more as sunlight glints off hidden treasure.

What's in this version: (Updated : Aug 28, 2012)

Red Weed v1.0.3 APK

For all fans of HG Wells and The War of The Worlds!

Red Weed v1.0.3
Play a game based on one of the scenes in Jeff Wayne's award-winning Musical Version of The War of the Worlds! Red weed features music, sounds and video cut scenes from the original musical.

❝ The Red Weed began to creep, like a slimy red animal across the land... ❞

Try to stop the slimy Red Weed from spreading over the land as it changes every patch of green grass it touches into red tendrils.

In this board game, use strategy similar to Othello, Reversi, Go, or Ataxx to defend your territory of green grass. The goal of the game is to make your tiles of grass a majority of the tiles on the field, by converting as many of the Red Weed tiles as possible. The quicker you conquer the Red Weed, the more points you score.

Can you stop the Red Weed before it covers every field and ditch and hedgerow? Or will your land succumb to the Red Weed?


  • Video cut scenes, music and sounds from the original musical

  • Single player or Multiplayer

  • Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty settings

  • Multiplayer Hot Seat

  • Six unique board designs

  • Obstacles and strategic challenges

  • Beautiful graphics

  • Addictive and Fun!

Fast Burst Camera-Black Screen v1.6 APK

Silence, Fast, Quick Burst Camera, continuous shooting, mute, black screen!

Fast Burst Camera-Black Screen

Have you ever woke up your lovely baby by camera shooting sounds while taking picture of your baby?? Do not worry anymore, this App produce no shooting sounds.

silence, fast, quick burst camera, continuous shooting, mute, black screen

Key Features:

  • Continuous quick shooting

  • Silent shooting

  • Shooting with a black screen

  • Delete icon/ Using Power button(On screen locked)

  • Delete all the pictures in that folder

  • Show image : Video mode/Gallery

  • Specify the storage folder

If you take a group photo, there might be at least a person with closed eyes.

You can countinuously take multiple pictures with this App, so you can choose pictures that no one has closed eyes.

This App is right one for you, If you want to take multiple pictures in time of certain durations.

This App will continuously take multiple pictures as many as possible within maximum hardware specs of your smartphone.
The resolution support would be differ by device due to preview function.

So, You might not be able to take maximum resolution.
Available maximum size of preview is resolution of screen.

With Samsung Galaxy Note, you are able to take maximum of 15 pictures continuousely in resolution of 1280 x 800 per second. With lower resolution, you are able to take maximum of 25 pictures continuousely. It would be differ by device. It uses silent mode to save power, and you can dim screen as needed.

If you take many photos, the App could possibly be stopped because this App would use extremely high level of phone memory to secure memory needed.

We recommend you to find optimum setting thru several tests not to make the App stopped.

If your App stopped and not restarted, you should choose [Clear Data] to initialize all settings at TaskManager. Then, the App will work.

If you choose [Clear Mamory] TaskManager -> Ram before use App, you are able take more picture.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dsoid v1.7.3 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.3+

Overview: This is the first Nintendo DS emulator for Android with a dynarec.

 Right now the NDS emulator is in beta so there are many bugs and it runs slow. However, I'll try and update it frequently so it gets much better!

 Please email me if you have any problems. I can't really fix bugs if you just post a 1 star review saying it crashes.

 Other functions to be added

 -Save States

 Save files do work however. So you can save during the in

 save points, but you can't pause the game and create a

 save state



 Based off of desmume and exophase's dynarec

 What's in this version:

 Zip support

Download Instructions:


GO Keyboard v1.7.1 [Ad-Free] Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.0+

Overview: GO Keyboard is the best and the most popular keyboard on the android market!

 GOKeyboard can make your typing faster and smarter. It is a essential choice for android mobile.

 GOKeyboard has MORE THAN 60 THEMES,and will release new themes every week.

 GO Keyboard Pad mode has variety of keyboard layouts designed specifically for the tablet,it is Very suitable for use in 5″, 7″, 9″/10″ tablet

 ●Main features::

 ★Predict in multiple languages and keyboard layouts

 ★Has accurate dictionaries

 ★Smart engine for predictions

 ★Import contacts

 ★Support fantasy text output

 ★Support Emoji

 ★Support a variety of themes

 ★Smart to set skin and back ground

 ★Auto-memory and correct as you type

 ★Multi-point touch keyboard

 ★Support the slide input

 ★Pad mode support 5″, 7″, 9″/10″ tablet

 ●Enable GO Keyboard

 First step: after download GO Keyboard, go into the “Menu”, click the [Enable GO Keyboard] to enable.

 Second step: long press any input box until popup a menu, choose “Input method”, then choose “GO Keyboard”

 ●Gesture support:

 Slide to left or right to switch keyboard layouts

 Slide down to close the keyboard

 ●Support languages:


 ☆Pinyin, wubi, stoke, handwriting and voice input

 ☆cangjie,zhuyin,simple cangjie

 ☆Ukrainian -UG-українська мова

 ☆Bulgarian-BG-Български език

 ☆German-DE- Deutsch

 ☆Russian-RU-Русский язык

 ☆French-FR- française

 ☆Czech-CS- čeština

 ☆Croatian-HR- Hrvatski

 ☆Romanian-RO- română


 ☆Turkish-TR- Türkçe

 ☆Arabic-AR-اللغة العربية‎

 ☆Slovak-SK- Slovenčina

 ☆Polish-PL- język polski

 ☆Norwegian-NO- norsk

 ☆Hungarian-HU- Magyar

 ☆Greek-EL- Ἑλληνική

 ☆Finnish-FT- Suomi

 ☆Dutch-NL- Nederlands

 ☆Danish-DA- dansk

 ☆Swedish-SV- svenska

 ☆Spanish-ES- Español

 ☆Hebrew-HE- Ivrit

 ☆Italian-IT- Italiano






 ☆Korean- KO-조선어

 ☆Indonesian-ID- Bahasa Indonesia

 ☆Malay- MS- Bahasa Melayu

 ☆Slovenian- SL-slovenščina

 ☆Thai- TH -ไทย

 ☆Philippines(Tagalog)- tl- Tagalog



 GO Keyboard support variety of keyboard layouts:QWERTY,QWERTZ,AZERTY,Hanwrite,Emoji, Persian(Farsi), Hindi, Georgian, Russian,Russian(4 РЯДА), Russian(ЯШЕРТ), Korean(한국어), Korean(단모음키보드)

 More cool ! More free!

 What's in this version:

 (Fix) Fix some collapse bugs.

 (Optimized) Improve the compatibility for Android 4.1.

 (Optimized) GO Market new user experienc,new UI,more cool theme,come on to use it!(1.Click the shortcuts of menu above the keyboard -> GO Market 2.Slide to left or right to change the categories, slide to up or down to browse content.

Download Instructions:


DX ToolBox -App2SD+Task Killer v2.7.0 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.0+

Overview: DX ToolBox is a Swiss Army Knife for optimizing your Android phone.

 Top 8 features to help you easily and efficiently manage your android phone.

 DX ToolBox(Optimizer ToolBox) is one of the most powerful and comprehensive android assistant to improve your phone's performance by ☆ One-tap diagnosis and optimizing your phone, ☆ Cleaning storage, ☆ Freeing up memory, ☆ Killing background tasks, ☆ Batch (un)installing apps, ☆ Moving apps to SD card and ☆ Speeding up system booting, etc.

 It’s Ad-Free!

 Note: If you have trouble uninstalling, please go to Settings -> Location & Security -> Select Device Administrators and Uncheck DX ToolBox, then uninstall.

 Email us at if you still have problems.

 ★-----1. Apps manager-----

 ✔Apps 2 SD (Android 2.2 or up): Automatic App-2-SD reminding;

 ✔Apps Classification helps you keep your App List tidy and clean;

 ✔App Installer/Uninstaller:Batch/single app(s)install/Uninstall;

 ★-----2. Task manager-----

 ✔To quickly kill background processes, speeding up your phone and extends battery life;

 ✔Periodically Automatic task(s) killing;

 ✔Long press apps to setup Ignore list (white list) or Killing list (black list).

 ★-----3.System app(s)remover-----

 ✔System app(s) remover (root required);

 ✔Auto system application backup and one-tap restore;

 ★-----4.Trash Cleaner-----

 ✔Use Trash Cleaner to cleanup your phone / free up memory / free up space

 ✔1 tap to erase history data, delete web history(web browser history), maps search history, earth history, YouTubehistory,clipboard data, market history, gmail history etc..

 ✔Global cache scanning, and one-tap to clear all the cached files (one-key clear);

 ★-----5. Boot Speedup-----

 ✔List the Allowed and Forbidden apps during booting;

 ✔Kill booting processes after ROOT;

 ★-----6. Quick Settings-------

 ✔With the interesting Quick Settings tool and a desktop widget with 7 shortcuts, you could optimize your phone with less or even no manual operation.

 ✔Shake to optimize: shake to clean memory and shake to clean cache trash;

 ✔Turn over to mute the phone when phone call comes in;

 ✔Quick Restore network when connection to mobile network fails;

 ✔2G/3G toggle(mobile data)

 ★-----7.Desktop Widget-------

 ✔A 7-button widget (17 functions foryour choice: WIFI switch, Bluetooth switch, Airplane mode, ringtone mode setting, process management, Cache cleaner, etc.)

 ✔Change widget background color: Transparent/Gray/Translucent

 ★-----8.System Diagnostic-----

 ✔One-tap detecting, list down details cumbering the system;

 ✔One-tap optimizing, keep the high score!

 In addition, more tools could be found in __Toolbox__ page, such as RAM manager, web traffic governor, App Lock, etc.

 DX ToolBox developed by Tapas is the first Android optimizing tool. After its debut three years ago, it has enjoyed great reputation among millions and millions of users all over the world. DX ToolBox, as a master of android system, dedicatesto fixing the low-efficiency and inconvenience on Android system and providing efficient maintenance for your Android device!

 Problems? Contact us:

Download Instructions:


Secret Video Recording Pro v1.7

Secret Video Recording Pro v1.7
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: One of the best Secret Recorders. Extremely easy to use. Just click on the App's Icon to Start or Stop the Recording. No Video Picture ("preview") is shown on the screen. During Recording, the phone can be used for any other normal operation, including Game Playing, Web Browsing and Phone Calls. No Shutter Sound. High Quality Videos

One of the best Secret Recorders. Extremely easy to use. Just click on the App's Icon to Start or Stop the Recording. No Video Picture ("preview") is shown on the screen. During Recording, the phone can be used for any other normal operation, including Game Playing, Web Browsing and Phone Calls. No Shutter Sound. High Quality Videos

Use it to Record Videos secretly. Nobody will notice that you are recording

This App will only work on devices with an (internal or external) SD Card, to save the Video Files on. E.g. It may not work on some HTC and Motorola devices. Download the Free Version of this App (SVRF), and check to see if it works on your device!

Use this App to Record Secret Videos of pretty girls at the beach, in business meetings, lectures, conferences, on work as a spy, etc., while reading the news, browsing the web, sending messages, checking your email account, listening to music, making phone calls, and for most other purposes (except for making another Recording). You can also black out (or close) the screen - if you want - without affecting the Video Recording

This Pro version (SVRP) differs from the Free version in that there - for all practical purposes - is no short Recording Time Limit. However, in order to protect your device from unwanted huge Video Files, each Recording is limited to 20 minutes - or 1 GB (i.e. approx. 1000 MB)


- Recording starts and stops in the background

- Records Sound and Video (using the normal, back facing camera)

- One Touch Recording

- No User Interface

- No Configuration or Settings required

- No additional Instructions needed (see below)

- Just click on the Icon to Start or Stop Recording

- Text Notifications are shown when Recording Starts and Stops

- Click on the Status Bar Notification to see the Recorded Video(s)

- No Video Picture ("Preview") is shown on the Screen

- Discrete App Name and Icon

- Installed with the Name SVRP and a common Launch Icon, to hide its real purpose

- All Video Files are stored on the SD Card, in folder /mnt/sdcard/tmp

(Remember to check this folder now and then, and delete the Video Files that you no longer want to keep.)

- Video File Names start with SVR_VIDEO_, date and time, and end with .3gp

- On a PC, Video Files can be shown by e.g. QuickTime, which can be downloaded free of charge

- Extremely small apk-file, conserves space on your device


- This App may not work on some devices.

Download the Free Version (SVRF), and check to see if it works on your device!

- In some countries Cameras without a Shutter Sound seem to be illegal. On devices in these countries, the Shutter Sound may be heard.


1. To Start a Video Recording, click on the Icon with the Name SVRP

A Text Notification will briefly show that the recording has Started

While a Recording is ongoing, the word SVR is shown in the Statur Bar Notification Window (On some devices, the Recording Start Time is also shown)

2. To Stop a Video Recording, click on the Icon again

A Text Notification will briefly show that the recording has Stopped

3. To See the Video, click on the Notification Text in the Status Bar, which shows that a Video File is Recorded

4. The Video Files are stored in Folder /mnt/sdcard/tmp

You should delete the Files that you do not want to keep (as High Quality Video Files are HUGE in size, up to approximately 1 MB per second of recording, and thus take up a lot of your precious and limited SD Card memory space)

If you want to remove the sound and vibration which you normally hear when you touch a button, use the Menu of your device, normally found at Settings->Sound, and disable the required sounds

More Info:


Download Instructions:


SkyDrive v1.0 [Official App]

SkyDrive v1.0
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: SkyDrive is the place to store your files so you can access them from virtually any device. With SkyDrive for Android, you can now easily access and share files on the go. You can also upload photos or videos from your phone to SkyDrive.



• Access all of your SkyDrive content including files shared with you.

• View recently used documents.

• Choose multiple photos or videos to upload from your phone.

• Share your files and photos – send a link in email or in another app.

• Open your SkyDrive files in other Android apps.

• Manage your files – delete, or create new folders.

More Info:


Download Instructions:

Great Big War Game v1.1.3

Great Big War Game v1.1.3
Requirements: Android 2.2 and up
Overview: The generalissimo is back, causing more mayhem than ever!

A tap and swipe turn-based strategy game with a huge sense of humor, featuring funny cartoon military units set in a stunning fictional world.

“Great Big War Game” is the much anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed “Great Little War Game”. (See what we did there?)

With a greatly expanded single player campaign, brand new online multiplayer and a whole raft of other cool new stuff, there's plenty to please that 2.5 million strong player base.

New to the brand? Don't worry - there's a full in-game manual and good tutorials to ease you in. If you missed the original game, you can still play this one and find out where all those 5 star reviews came from.

NOTE: By purchasing this game, you agree to hold Rubicon harmless for any loss of sleep, drop in work productivity, poor school attendance, family break downs, melted cellphones or medical claims of "addict's finger".

Core Features:

❋ 50 Mission single player campaign

❋ Online asynchronous multiplayer

❋ Pass n Play & Skirmish vs AI

❋ Lush visuals

❋ Simple, intuitive control method

❋ Tons of humor

❋ No birds were harmed (or made angry) during development!

See what the critics said about the original game:

❋ Touch Arcade review: 5/5

"I'll call Great Little War Game "great" without hesitation" ... "the kind of game you can really sink your teeth into, which is rare enough. So I'm delighted to discover that it's also rich in features, good looking and full of humor."

❋ TapScape review: 10/10

"Great Little War Game is just that: a well-designed and enjoyable tactical war game perfect for those who enjoy the lighter side of virtual warfare."

❋ First place

"The lavish production values of the game, incredible attention to detail and excellent animation gives you a sense of aerial, naval and land warfare that gets as good as you can expect on a small screen"

What's in this version:


* Fixes for crashes during loading mission/maps.

* Fixes for garbled audio on some devices.

* Fix for some HTC devices having trouble with online gameplay.

More Info:


Download: Released by chathu_ac

SD files: (sdcard/Android/obb)

Screenshot UX v1.7.7 Apk

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up , Lucky Patcher

Overview: You can take a snapshot for android device.

 May require a rooted phone.

 Phone list that follows does not require the roots.

 - Gallaxy series (S,S2,...)

 - HTC phones (Sensation, ...)

 - Motorola (Atrix, ...).

 - LG Optimus series (G2X, ...)


 - Analyzing possible capture method.

 - Intuitive Topmost button to screen shot.

 - Shake to screen shot.

 - Status bar to screen shot.

 - Intuitive Countdown feedback UI before screenshot.

 - Edit(Crop, Draw/Undo/Redo, ...).

 - Share menu integration for Email, MMS, ...

 - Choose custom save folder

 - Fast start shortcut (Long tab empty home screen > Shortcuts > Select ScreenshotUX icon).

 * Rooting may be needed depending model.


 You can test with "Screenshot UX Trial" version.

 * IF YOUR DEVICE NEEDS ROOT and NOT ROOTED(and not support preloaded capture method),

 You have to initalize screenshot service with your desktop.

 (There is no other way due to Android security model).

 Simply, Attach your phone to your desktop, and execute desktop app(You can download Liveov website,

 More detail instruction guide is embedded this app.

 * Please email with issues!

 We cannot help you if you only post a review.

 What's in this version:

 Ver 1.7.5

 Added compatibility to android JellyBean.

 Added compatibility to android ICS.

Download: Released by chathu_ac

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Plume Premium v4.50 build 45009 Apk

Requirements: Android v2.1+

Overview: Plume, a beautiful, highly customizable Twitter client for you!

 Plume is a beautiful and completely customizable Twitter app that will revolutionize the way you use Twitter! Brought to you by the authors of the popular Beautiful Widgets, Plume is one of the best Twitter clients for Android and has a brand new Ice Cream Sandwich and tablet interface! Plume was formerly known as Touiteur. (Twitter requested that we change the name)

 - Colorize your timeline/friends from Twitter

 - Multiple twitter accounts support

 - Scrollable beautiful widgets to display your twitter timeline on your home

 - Mute twitter users, word or clients

 - Picture preview

 - Twitter geotagging

 - Swipe scrolling

 - Very customizable

 - Internal browser

 - Autocomplete twitter hashtags and username

 - Share photo with Lockerz, Twitter, Twitpic, Plixi, YFrog, Posterous, Mobypicture,

 - support for your tweets

 - Inline twitter conversation

 - Display replies to a tweet

 - Display twitter profiles

 - Pull to refresh

 - a lot more!

 Plume is a beautiful, highly customizable Twitter client, which will change the way you feel about Twitter!

 Recent changes:

 4.50 - 2012/08/28

 - rework the application navigation to be more fluid;

 - rework the tablet UI to better fit 7" tablets;

 - add a simple Draft system (automatic save/restore);

 - add Facebook picture uploading;

 - fix Twitlonger expansion;

 4.12 - 2012/08/07

 - add option to change the Retweet display;

 - display the location name of the post;

 - add possibility to view a user's favorite tweets;

 4.10 - 2012/07/26

 - display URLs like they appear on;

 - changed layout of Timeline and Profile.

 Less description »

 Latest version: 4.50 build 45009 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)

Download Instructions: No need key file


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SkyDrive v1.0 Apk

Requirements: 2.3+

Overview: SkyDrive is the place to store your files so you can access them from virtually any device. With SkyDrive for Android, you can now easily access and share files on the go. You can also upload photos or videos from your phone to SkyDrive.


 • Access all of your SkyDrive content including files shared with you.

 • View recently used documents.

 • Choose multiple photos or videos to upload from your phone.

 • Share your files and photos – send a link in email or in another app.

 • Open your SkyDrive files in other Android apps.

 • Manage your files – delete, or create new folders.

Download Instructions:

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

n7player Music Player FULL v1.2.7 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: Rich Music Experience!

 n7player Music Player is the best way to play your music on Android. review:

 "n7player makes browsing your own library and finding music to listen to fun again."

 n7player is an innovative 3D mp3 and music player available only on Android. It visualizes your music as a single plane full of album covers. You can zoom in and out using multi-touch to see different views of your music. The main application screen is like an interactive tag cloud which can be easily explored to find your mp3 files. Artist names transforms smoothly to album covers, when pinched-to-zoomed. The minimalistic design and smooth interface allows users to quickly pick their favorite music from their library.

 n7player has also the most advanced cover art downloading function available on the market. It can download the missing album arts both by its own and by easy to use dedicated screen, where the user can search and pick an album art from the internet.

 Android 2.3+ is required to use Equalizer & other sound effects.

 Key features:

 - Unique user interface, based on OpenGL, consisting of innovative, fully multi-touchable album covers wall

 - Supported audio formats: mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, 3gp, mid, xmf, ogg, mkv(4.0+), flac (3.1+), aac (3.1+)

 - 5 band graphic equalizer with presets – requires Android 2.3+

 - Environmental effects, bass boost and sound virtualization technology (SRS/Dolby Surround) (2.3+)

 - Automatic and manual album art and artist image downloader

 - Tags editor for all supported audio formats

 - File browser (SD card) with filters

 - 1x4, 2x4 widgets

 - Lockscreen widget with direct unlock

 - Headset support with many options

 - Sleep timer

 - Shuffle/repeat

 - Lyrics support, using the embedded track lyrics & musicXmatch plugin

 - scrobbling

 - Support for m3u playlists

 What's in this version:


 - Added French and German translation

 - The player should automatically go to the next song after the message: 'The given file cannot be opened'

 - Fix in albumart directory scanner, albumarts will be restored after reinstallation


 KEY supplied by chathu_ac

Download Instructions:


Senti Wayk v4.9 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Overview: Enjoy a completely different take on how you interact with your alarm. You'll quickly fall in love with the wave to snooze, voice response and your morning scoop that brings you your calendar and your news in an easy to read style.


 Wave to Snooze* and Intelligent Dismiss - Pressing a button to snooze? Old school. With us, you just wave your hand over the phone to snooze. Oh, and to dismiss? Wayk will figure it out on it's own. It is a smart phone afterall.

 The Clock - Setting your alarm just got 100x faster and more intuitive with this completely redesigned clock. Every alarm time is only 2 taps away.

 Google Calendar - We went ahead and added the ability to sync with your Google Calendar, so you can wake up feeling prepared.

 The Scoop - Choose from feeds such as Engadget, Fast Company and more, so that you’re always in the know on what you need to be.

 The Senti Interface - We focus on high quality minimalist design, so that everything is both beautiful and easy to use.

 New Features:

 Migrating to Wayk - We didn't feel that Senti Alarm really captured the essence of our app. We're slowly migrating into making the app called Wayk. Our graphics designers are at work making a better app icon and logo. What do you think of the name?

 Better Dismiss Algorithm - We're trying to make the dismiss completely automatic. You're phone should be smart enough to know if you're awake or not. Let us know how the dismiss is working for you!

 Alarm Notification - We've added support for the alarm notification, though we still need to make it much prettier. Just enable the option in your settings.

 Alarm Labels - We've added the ability to name your alarms (by request). You can enable it in settings and label away!

 Celsius weather

 We completely missed integrating this into the app. It's in now and completely automatic. Everybody gets Celsius except for users in the US.

 What's in this version:

 -Fixed voice not reading when location is turned off

 -Tweaked wave sensitivity

 -Added landscape mode to ringer

 -Shows saved ringtone option

 Wayk 4.9

 -Major overhaul, everything is running absolutely smoothly. Tests show 100% accuracy in alarm behavior across 2.3 to 4.0+ devices.

 -Wave sensitivity optimized to recognize waves and only waves. Drop us a line if you see too much sensitivity in the wave

 -All force closes gone

 -Bug sensing reestablished

 -Calendars improved

Download: Released by chathu_ac 

Handrite Note Pro v1.75 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Overview: It's the write idea. Handrite alows you to write with your finger right on your screen. Each time you lift your finger, the character or symbol you wrote appears in the notebook interface. It replicates exactly what you add to the screen. Give up the apper habit and keep, send, or post your notes.

 It's the write idea. Handrite alows you to write with your finger right on your screen. Each time you lift your finger, the character or symbol you wrote appears in the notebook interface. It replicates exactly what you add to the screen. Give up the apper habit and keep, send, or post your notes.


 You're in an important meeting or lecture when suddenly you realize--you forgot your pen or notebook! Or you're at a party and need to take down a phone number or an e-mail address. Don't trust your memory or try to scribble on a dry-cleaning receipt; Handrite is the solution you need.

 ====The Write Move====

 Rather than trying to frantically type notes on your device keyboard, Handrite Note allows you to write with your finger right on your Android's screen. Each time you lift your finger, the character or symbol you wrote appears in the notebook interface. When you finish a word, just hit the space bar icon at the bottom of the screen. Hit Return if you want to move down to the next line. If you make a mistake, there's a simple backspace button to delete as many characters as you need to. You can also cut and paste with ease.

 Handrite Note doesn't try to "read" your handwriting. Rather, it replicates exactly what you trace on the screen, as with a drawing program. This avoids the pain of having to "train" the app to read your writing, and the inevitable mistakes that occur. It also means you can sketch symbols, numbers, pictures, mathematical equations--whatever you write is instantly recorded digitally for later reference. And notes are saved automatically.

 ====Right at Hand====

 You know how it goes: you write something down on a slip of paper or pad, then misplace it or don't have it when you need it. Now you can have your notes with you at all times, whether you're on the beach or in the boardroom. The app's time stamp and labeling system allows you categorize, sort, and find your notes quickly and easily.

 You can also export your notes with a few taps on the screen. Whether you want to save it to your SD card, send it to yourself or someone else in e-mail, tweet it, post it to Facebook, or another sharing method, a note doesn't have to remain tethered to your Android device. Export in either JPEG or PNG format.

 ====Function and Form====

 Unlike many notepad applications, Handrite Note allows you to write in style. Create and save different types of "pens," adjusting line thickness and color to fit your needs. Then swap them in and out when needed. You can also choose from 14 different styles of "paper," including beautiful solid hues, notebook lines, and even graph paper. The size of your text and spacing are also adjustable, so you can customize them for easy readability. Make the right choice with Handrite Note for Android.

 What's in this version:

 Bug fix: Some handwritten texts are invisible.

Download: Released by chathu_ac 

Delayed Lock v2.7.5.1 Apk

Requirements: Android 1.6 and up

Overview: Not using any pattern-, PIN- or password-lock is a huge security problem, but reentering your PIN a hundred times a day can also be annoying. DelayedLock is a solution to this problem: After unlocking your phone, it will turn the lock screen off for a user defined amount of time.

 You can turn your phone off and on as often as you want without entering your password/PIN/pattern again. After a certain time, it will automatically reactivate your lockscreen, so no stranger can access your personal data.

 Additionally, there is also a notification in the Android status bar and a widget to immediately reenable the lock screen.


 Free trial version is available to test the app with your phone (search for 'DelayedLock Trial'). PLEASE TEST IT BEFORE BUYING!

 I can't respond to comments here, so if you have any problem, please contact me through the app or my website!!


 Main Features:

 - Delayes the requirement to enter pattern/PIN/password again after succesfully unlocked once

 - Delay since 'Screen off' or since 'Last unlock'

 - Ability to show a simple slider lockscreen when pattern/PIN/password lock is currently disabled

 - Delay & customize the simple slider lock

 - Quickly re-enable the lock through the Android notification bar or a widget

 - Widgets & Shortcuts: Toggle Lock, Screen off, Screen off & Lock, Start Simple Lock

 - Upgradable with free plugins: Unlock with WiFi, Bluetooth or location based and remote activate lockscreen via SMS

 - compatible with HTC Sense & WidgetLocker, should also work with Tasker & Locale (untested, see Support-Thread)

 - music controls on simple lockscreen (works with Spotify, Winamp, Google Music and more)



 - Revoke admin permission to be able to uninstall!

 - FAQ at

 - Remove exchange PIN on a rooted device:

 - Incompatible with NoLED & some other apps -> test the trial version before!


 Legal information: I do not guarantee that your device's data is unaccessible and will not be responsible for any damage you or your company may get because of an unlocked device. Please check if the usage of the app is compatible with the security policy of your company.



 WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - needed to save log files on SD card

 DISABLE_KEYGUARD - needed when using the "hide lockscreen" method

 CHECK_LICENSE - needed for validating the market license

 WRITE_SETTINGS - needed to change display timeout on simpleLockscreen

 ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - also needed for license validation

 VIBRATE - needed for "vibrate when locking" feature

 What's in this version:

 Help translating the app at

 - fix: app not working when using "deactivate pattern" and "lock since screen off"

Download: Released by chathu_ac

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GMD GestureControl ★ root v3.0.0 Apk

Requirements: Android 3.1+

Overview: Control device with MULTITOUCH and MULTITASK gestures similar to iPad. Works in all applications. You can even hide status bar and enjoy full screen in your favorite games or while browsing.

 Control tablet with MULTITOUCH gestures like iPad. Hide status bar, full screen.

 Control device with MULTITOUCH and MULTITASK gestures similar to iPad. Works in all applications. You can even hide status bar and enjoy full screen in your favorite games or while browsing.

 ★ Try Lite version before you buy

 ★ Requires root access

 ★ USB Debuging must be enabled in Android setting

 ★ Multitouch

 ★ Multitask - start any application, shortcut or custom action without leaving current application

 ★ Custom actions - LaunchPad, Start application, Previous Application, Next application, Home, Kill current application, Back, Forward, Recent application list, Recent application dialog, Menu, Notification Panel, Hide/Show status bar, Start launcher shorcut(bookmark, contacts, settings, etc), Start Tasker task, Pause gestures, Exit, Screen Off (lock)

 ★ Swipe 4 fingers right - open previous application

 ★ Swipe 4 fingers left - open next application

 ★ Expand 4 fingers - LaunchPad (similar to SwypePad, start any application, shortcut or custom action)

 ★ Pinch 4 fingers - Home gesture

 ★ Swipe 3 fingers down - Back gesture

 ★ Swipe 3 fingers up - Hide/Show status bar (ICS is in Alfa stage)

 ★ Custom gestures - create your own gestures to start any application, shortcut or custom action

 Description: This application allows you to control tablet with gestures.

 Swipe 3 fingers up to hide status bar. Do same gesture again to restore bar.

 Swipe 4 fingers right to open previous application.

 Swipe 4 fingers left to open next application.

 Pinch with 4 fingers anywhere on screen to return to home screen from any application.

 Swipe 3 fingers down to execute back action in any application.

 Expand 4 fingers anywhere on screen to open LaunchPad dialog. It is similar to SwypePad and allows start your most often used applications, shortcuts or custom actions anywhere anytime with simple gesture.

 Works in all applications, games and browsers.

 Application will use freed space when you hide status bar. Some games even work better with status bar hidden.

 There is an option to switch to single touch gestures if its more convenient. You can even create your own gestures for any action.

 Full version adds following features: option to hide notification icon, custom gestures and special actions, any number of actions in LaunchPad.

 thanks Market Militia


 - Added LaunchBars docked to all sides

 - LaunchPad now can display recent apps

 - New gesture Bottom LaunchBar - display recent applications - swipe 3 upwards

 - StatusBar changed to 4 upwards

 - Added TriggerZones

 - 2 finger gesture now can be executed by holding 1 finger on screen and drawing gesture with another finger only.

 - Home can be added to blacklist

 - Improved gestures recognition

 New actions:

 - Alt+Tab - switch between 2 last apps

 - Input Method - show Select Input Method dialog

Download Instructions:


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Barcode Scanner+ (Plus) v1.7.1 Apk

Requirements: Android 2.2+

Overview: Enhanced version of the popular, free Barcode Scanner application.

 Barcode Scanner+, from Sean Owen of ZXing Team, uses the camera on your device to read barcodes of all kinds. After scanning barcodes you find on products, for example, you can discover prices and reviews for it. Or, when scanning newer two-dimensional barcodes, like QR Codes, you can access contact information, bookmarks, web site links and more inside.

 Barcode Scanner+ is an enhanced version of the popular, free Barcode Scanner application, which is a product of the ZXing open-source barcode scanning library from Google. Barcode Scanner+ is based on the same code, and has been developed by one of the two primary authors of the original Barcode Scanner, Sean Owen.

 Barcode Scanner+ includes all of Barcode Scanner's functionality, and is intended as a drop-in replacement for Barcode Scanner. It adds several enhancements:

 Better barcode scanning

 - New image processing algorithm for detection of 1D barcode formats, including UPC and EAN product codes

 - Uses both cores of dual-core processors

 - Optionally, scan for Aztec and PDF417 barcodes (note: PDF417 support is 'alpha' quality)

 - Rewritten to take advantage of Java 6, Android 2.2+ APIs, and latest Android SDK features

 Refined user interface

 - Now scan in tall "portrait" orientation, in addition to "landscape" orientation

 - More intuitive pattern-based scanning guide

 - Streamlined and improved user interface elements

 - Android 4 and tablet device support

 - Expanded Help screens

 New features

 - Decode a barcode from an image file

 - Option to scan light-on-dark barcodes

 - Activate device's LED light to scan in low light

 - Basic support for scanning NFC tags

 Also available in "simple" version, without functionality that requires special permission. See "Barcode Scanner+ Simple".

 Purchasing this application also supports development of the ZXing open-source barcode scanning library.

 Barcode Scanner+ does not collect, store or transmit information about its users, nor usage of the application. The application accesses personal information such as contacts and bookmarks only in order to implement application functionality, such as sharing contacts and bookmarks by QR Codes on screen.

 (aka Barcode Scanner Plus)

 What's in this version:

 Added a new setting that corrects behavior on devices that incorrectly report front camera rotation

 Imported more fixes and improvements from the main project ZXing.

 Release Info:

 - Retailed by Nihon-No-Fanboi

 - Cr@ck3d & released by HPR

 - Tested on HTC One X running on stock ROM v4.0.4 and worked fine

Download Instructions:


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Monday, August 27, 2012

Pocket Informant-Events,Tasks v2.03.6073 Apk

Requirements: Android OS 2.0 +

Overview: Calendar, GTD Tasks - all in one. The best selling PIM on mobile now on Android!

 Pocket Informant® is an integrated calendaring and GTD®-based tasks solution for Android. Our purpose is to fuse together best-of-class calendaring with best-of-class tasks into one great solution.

 Here are some of our current top features:

 ❖ Full-featured events management integrated with Android Calendar plus a separate PI Calendar

 ❖ Month, Day, Week, Column Week View, Agenda, and Task views

 ❖ Swipe between Months, Days, and Weeks

 ❖ Getting-Things-Done® (GTD®) management of tasks

 ❖ Pre-made filters to quickly find active, due, undated, overdue, and completed tasks

 ❖ Starring (flagging) tasks

 ❖ Both events and tasks can be displayed in 2 different day views, 6 week views, agenda view and month view

 ❖ Plain list and grouped (by category, context, folder, action, status) task views for tasks

 ❖ Optional category (for events and tasks) and status (for tasks only) filters in main views

 ❖ Templates for events and tasks (including default templates for new items)

 ❖ Ability to show/hide different Android calendars

 ❖ Optional timebars and mini-text (event details displayed directly in calendar grid) views for events month view

 ❖ Custom time/date selection controls for easy task/event modification and navigation in main view (including all month view features including mini-text in date selector)

 ❖ Easily accessible commands for events or tasks directly from main views (assign category, move between calendars, move to a different date, context, folder etc.)

 ❖ Highly configurable interface (with over 100 different options)

 ❖ Configurable event and task edit dialogs (with ability to show/hide all event/task fields)

 ❖ Search and notifications integration with standard Android services

 ❖ Ability to assign colors to each individual event or task, category, calendar, different task statuses, work and free days etc.

 ❖ Optional auto-deletion of completed tasks (on deletion or after certain period of time)


 ❖ Uses the Android Calendar Database

 ❖ Sync does not work on Samsung Galaxy S due to Samsung customizations

 ❖ Syncs with Toodledo.


 Proper task management is essential, but it’s only part of the picture.

 Pocket Informant is a full featured PIM, so it lets you focus on everything you do in a day - not just your task list. We believe bringing your appointments and tasks together in one place is more efficient than working in isolated calendar and task management systems. Pocket Informant is designed to not force you into any one method of doing things - use our Task View as rigidly or freely as you want, using GTD principles, Franklin Covey, or your own system.

 For years, these and numerous other features have made Pocket Informant a must-have application for school teachers, soccer moms, salesmen and executives alike.

 What's in this version:

 - Widget!

 - Contacts View

 - Multi-Select Mode in Task Views

 - Multi-Select Mode in certain Calendar Views

 - Pocket Informant Online Sync

 - All Pocket Informant syncing is managed by the Android Sync Manager

 - Multiple Accounts of the same sync type can be used at the same time.

 - Now supports multiple internal Event and Task calendars

 - ICS Support

 - Ability to switch view modes on tablets between the Tablet View and Phone View.

Download Instructions:


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Linux Installer ADVANCED v4.1 Apk

Requirements: Android 1.5+

Overview: This application will allow you to install a complete Debian distribution in your Android device.

 Please install this version ONLY is the standard (Free) version WORKS on your phone or you want to make a donation :-).

 The actual price is low because actualy low features added and some is have lot of bugs !

 This version adding from Standard version :

 - XServer dependencie to get X apps work, like xterm.

 - Can create Android Desktop Shorcut for X app.

 - More application can be installed throught GUI.

 - A startx like button.

 Released By Market Militia

Download Instructions:


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Sex Position Coach v1.5

Sex Position Coach v1.5
Requirements: Android 1.6 or higher
Overview: 8 +, please leave off minors!

Is your sex life screaming for an upgrade? With more than 36 orgasm--inducing ways to get your grind on, our sex-position guide will help fulfill all your naughty needs.

The best sex positions for you!

More sex positions are coming

+Sexy Feature+ sex positions

2.Learning knowledge of sex postions

Enjoy the app and your sex!


Recent changes:

1.added a new function button to the main menu screen which allow user to find a hot single nearby to chat or to do something(o(?_?)o)

More Info:


Download Instructions:

System Tuner Pro v2.4 Apk

Requirements: Android 1.5+

Overview: The most complete all-in-1 Android system tuner for your phones and tablets!

 Monitor and record your phone's logs, app/process activities, CPU, memory (RAM, internal storage, internal & external SD).

 By far the lowest consumption monitoring app!

 App checked with Privacy Inspector! If you don't want WIFI, BT, PHONE and GPS permissions, please check app 'Limited System Tuner Pro'.

 Use logcat to debug or help debug your favorites apps

 Use terminal emulator for direct linux commands

 Highly configurable! Check web-site for app consumption!

 The app can:

 - Show data (cpu, memory) in the status bar

 - Sort processes by cpu time, total cpu time, start time, cpu consumption, memory used or simply by name

 - Filter system processes or user-defined excluded list

 - Shows cpu load/frequency, memory/internal/sd usage

 - Record (optionally at boot) activities in the background

 - Allows analyzing previous recordings

 - Display log(cat) for all/one process

 - Display memory details (RAM & internal)

 - Display SD details (internal & external)

 - Run command using terminal emulator

 - Kill non manually excluded apps automatically

 The app can also do the following on rooted phones:

 - Tweak SD cache size to boost performance (not all phones supported, please report)

 - Tweak Android auto-kill memory settings

 - Tweak CPU governor + frequencies

 The widget can:

 - Use different backgrounds (HTC or Google-like) half or fully transparent

 - Show cpu load, free/used memory (flash/internal/sd) available, process count, using text or 2 side levels.

 - Starts 2 different actions by clicking on the icon or label, including:

 . Start/stop recording process activity

 . Kill all non-excluded processes

 . Refresh

 . Start task manager

 . Open analyzer

 . Open settings

 -== Check web-site for tests on various phones ==-

 -== Does consume very little CPU/battery ==-

 All system apps are excluded by default!

 Kernel processes cannot be killed

 What's in this version:


 New work-around for JellyBean logcat reader (requires root)

 New scale themes: white, yellow, orange and automatic

 New dmesg reader (kernel logs)

 New French translations

 Fix long delays using auto-kill from widgets

 Settings are updated when pressing home, not only with back button


 Improve auto-kill handling (but still imperfect)


 New Korean translation (thanks Jang)


 New build.prop editor

Download Instructions:


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Sunday, August 26, 2012

BetterBatteryStats v1.10.0.0 Final Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview: A high battery drain is often a limiting factor for a great user experience.

 With BetterBatteryStats you can analyse the behavior of your phone, find applications causing the phone to drain battery while it is supposed to be asleep and measure the effect of corrective actions:

 - Spot drainers based on detailed information about the root cause

 - Use the online Knowledge-Base to find how to reduce or remove the wakelocks

 - measure the effect of actions to reduce drain

 - detect changes in the awake/sleep profile and quickly find the causes (rogue apps)

 In other words BetterBatteryStats helps you to get the best out of your Android smartphone.


 Please don't use the market's feedback system for support. In case of issues or for any question or suggestion please contact me by e-mail or use the contact information from the about box.

 Keywords: wakelock, kernel wakelock, partial wakelock, reduce battery drain, optimize battery life, save battery, battery drain, saving battery, network stats, alarms, CPU states


 - android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is used only for writing dumps to the SD. In case you don't need that feature please fell free to remoke that permission. It won't have any side effect besides disabling that feature

 - android.permission.BATTERY_STATS is obviously the permission to access the internal statistics and can not be revokes without making the app unusable

 - android.permission.INTERNET is required to access the online Knowledge-Base and Google Analytics. If you want to revoke this permission please make sure that the KB and GA are disabled in the preferences

 - android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE is required for Google Analytics. You can opt-out from GA from the "Advanced Preferences" and revoke this permission

 - android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED is required for cleaning references. Revoking this permission may affect the results of kernel wakelocks and custom reference until new references were saved

 - android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE is required to detect when the phone was turned on/off in order to store references for advanced diagnosis

 - android.permission.DEVICE_POWER is required to detect when the phone is disconnected from the charger and store the corresponding kernel wakelock reference. Revoking this permission will lead to losing "since unplugged" in kernel wakelocks

 - android.permission.BLUETOOTH is required to fix a bug where the communication to the batteryinfo service stops working

Download Instructions:


Sixaxis Controller v0.5.7 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up

Overview: Sixaxis Controller allows you to use your Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers in many of your favourite games and applications.

 *** Caution: This app is not for the faint-hearted!! ***

 Please read all instructions carefully.

 Not all devices are supported, therefore it is strongly recommended that you try the 'Sixaxis Compatibility Checker' (available for free in the Android Market) before purchasing this app.

 Finally the wait is over... The ultimate gaming experience awaits! Now you can play games on your phone the way they were meant to be played! Sixaxis Controller allows you to use your Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers in many of your favourite games and applications.

 *** IMPORTANT ***

 - ROOT access is required!!!

 - Due to the way pairing is done with the controllers, you need to manually pair your controller with the PC utility 'SixaxisPairTool' (available on the website) and a mini-USB cable. Android 3.1+ users can also pair directly on their devices via USB.

 - It is highly recommended that you use an ORIGINAL controller. Many after market controllers will not work with this app.

 - Be sure to read the instructions in the help menu carefully.


 - Up to four Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers supported at once.

 - Support as a native gamepad in Android 3.1+ devices. Full support for analog sticks and analog triggers.

 - Keyboard emulation. Map all buttons and sticks to almost any key available in Android.

 - Mouse emulation. Configure a button to activate the mouse pointer on devices that support mice (most tablets, and many phones should work).

 - Touch emulation allows you to map buttons and analog sticks to the screen. Play all your favourite games with full analog support, even those without built-in controller support!

 This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Sony Corporation, its affiliates or subsidiaries. All trademarks are property of their respective holders.

 For assistance, full instructions and FAQ, visit our website at


 * Tap the 'start' button and wait for bluetooth to initiate. If you get an 'Error: Missing required protocol' message, your device is not supported.

 * If not already done, you must manually pair the controller with your phone. This can be done using 'SixaxisPairTool'(Is available in archive), or with 'MotionInJoy' or the linux utility 'sixpair'. Your phones bluetooth address should be shown at the bottom of the main application window and will look something like 1A:3C:13:00:21:C2; you need to enter this number into the 'SixaxisPairTool' as shown. This process only needs to be done the first time a controller is used on a different device, so if you only use the controller on one phone, you will only need to do it once.

 * Once paired, unplug the USB cable and press the power button on the controller. If successful, the lights on the controller will stop blinking and a single light will remain on.

 * If you are running the compatibility checker, and pressing buttons on the controller results in button presses showing up in the app, congratulations, you can now download the full app.

 * Tap the 'Change Input Method' button and select 'Sixaxis Controller'. You should now be able to use the controller in any games or applications that support key bindings, such as many emulators.

 * Subsequent controllers can be added at any time by pressing their power buttons.

 * You can change the fallback input method and key mappings in the applications settings.

 What's in this version:

 - Added battery charge status

 - Added notification when a fake (and incompatible) controller is detected

Download Instructions: