Tuesday, July 31, 2012

CPU Sleeper v2.6 Apk App

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: Its a fairly simple App that will put CPU 1/2/3 OFFLINE when the screen turns off. Once the screen comes back on, it will allow CPU 1/2/3 back ONLINE.

 ### Attention, Root Required Application!! ###

 How does it work?

 Since we have Dual & Quad core CPUs, we have a CPU 0 and a CPU 1/2/3, core 0/1/2/3, while the screen is off we really only need to have 1 core active "CPU0", this App will make sure CPU 1/2/3 shuts off while the screen is off, then resumes normal usage when the screen comes back on.


 Works with any Dual Core & Quad Core Devices!

 Battery Saving?

 Battery savings all depends on Usage & idle times.

 What's in this version:

 Version 2.6 Release Notes:

 ~ Memory Footprint is even lower now

 ~ removed unneeded services

 ~ script load fixed

 ~ Compatibility issue should be fixed

 # My SGS2 is back to 4% drop on 10hrs of Sleep w/ 2.6

 ## Unless a major bug is found, 2.6 will be the last update until I can get UV & OC Utilities added into the application ##

 Also, If the Freeze issue on Gnex is still Present please email me & we'll get this fixed ASAP!

 Thanks for the Support,



Download Instructions:

Full Screen Caller ID Pro v9.0.1 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.5 and up

Overview: Full Screen Caller ID shows a full screen image of the person who is calling you

 The Full Screen Caller ID is a replacement caller screen for your Android Device.

 Using this program you can customize the way your phone notifies you upon incoming & outgoing calls, sms, emails

 and missed calls.

 --== Basic features ==--

 - Full screen notification for incoming calls

 - Full screen notification for outgoing calls

 - Full screen notification for missed calls

 - Full screen notification for incoming SMS

 - Full screen notification for incoming mails

 - Use pictures from sd card, internal camera or facebook

 - Customize caller design : pick colors, text size of the notifications

 - Text-to-speech : the full screen caller id can read out loud your incoming calls, sms and mails

 - Facebook integration : pick pictures from facebook or link your contacts with your facebook friends to update all profil pictures with one click

 --== Advanced features ==--

 - Android integration : share pictures from any Android application to set pictures for your contacts

 - Theme support

 - Answer by buttons : no more slider to move to pick up the phone

 - Answer by sliding the screen.

 - Landscape support : high resolutions pictures can be set for both portrait and landscape mode.

 - Backup and restore all settings and pictures.

 - Video caller Id (beta)

 - Block annoying contacts

 --== How to use ==--

 Please check the youtube video to learn how to use the software.

 Full Screen Caller ID will work instantly once installed but you have to assign HD pictures to your contacts to avoid full screen blurry pictures. HD pictures must be assigned from the Full Screen Caller ID menu, not from the stock Android contact application.

 What's in this version:

 Version 9.0.0

 - UPDATE : new UI compliant with android design guidelines

 - FIX : contact list and group list are now cached on first use

 - FIX : android contact pictures are now updated when using FSCI


Download: Released by chathu_ac

AfterFocus v1.2.5 Apk App

 Requirements:Android 2.0+

 Bring DSLR-like Photography to Your Smartphone

 v1.1 Users :

 1. Bokeh effect is moved to Aperture menu, you can change the shape of Bokeh by selecting aperture shape.

 2. Color Mask filter is moved to Filter 2 menu to provide with more filter combinations.


 Thank you for your interest in our product AfterFocus.:)

 Finally Pro version comes out!

 1. Hi-resolution image up to 2048 pixels

 2. Smooth transition from the focused area to the background by Edge-feathering

 3. More filters

 4. Double photo

 Feel free to email to the developer for any bugs, suggestions and comments.

 ================================================== ==

 With AfterFocus, you can create DSLR-style background blurred photo by simply selecting focus area. Also, various filter effects offer you to create the most natural and realistic photo.

 Selecting a focus area more precisely, you can achieve more natural and professional image.

 Just mark the areas you want, AfterFocus automatically recognizes the focus area precisely even for an object with complex shapes.

 This auto function allows you to work faster on smart phones with small screen.

 Also, background blur effect of AfterFocus gives a photo the realistic look between the edge of the background and the focus area.

 With our realistic filter effects, you will enjoy photographing and photo editing even more, and share them on SNS easily.

 1. Smart focus area selection

 Simply draw some lines inside a focus area and the background, then AfterFocus will automatically recognize the focus area. You can also select the area with traditional finger painting.

 2. Background Blur effect

 You can create the most realistic blur effect with various aperture styles just like DSLR camera.

 To emphasize that certain things move, Motion blur effect is also available.

 3. Filter effect

 AfterFocus offers from basic effects to professional effects like Cross Process without looking artificial.

 Also, you can emphasize the spot light on the background using Bokeh effect.

 4. Double photo (Pro version only)

 Take a picture of one object and move slightly to the right to take another picture of the same object, and it will analyze the images and recognize the nearest object, so there is no need to draw the focus area.

 (Make sure that the background and the distance of the object are far enough and have clear texture to get a great result.)

 5. Easy share

 You can share through e-mails and SNS easily and simply.


 photo focus camera lens dslr facebook twitter sns photoshop blur bokeh effect image editing aperture dof

 What's in this version:

 1. Supports Nexus 7

 2. Saves EXIF location information

 3. Minor bug-fixes



Weather Clock Widget v1.2.2 Apk

Requirements: 2.1+

Overview: Check the Current Time and Weather Condition.

 Simple and fast

 Application uses less battery power.

 TO USE: Home->Application Menu->Widget

 What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 29, 2012)

 Support android 2.1 over

 480 x 800

 720 x 1280

 ICS, Jelly Bean

 Simple and fast

 Application uses less battery power


Download Instructions:


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Adobe Flash Player v11.1.115.12 Apk

Requirements: Android 4.0+

Overview: Bring the FULL web to your device with Flash Player- videos, games, apps & more

 Adobe Flash Player enables a complete web browsing experience by enabling access to your favorite interactive content. Adobe Flash Player on your device gives you:

 • The freedom to access the same rich web content you experience on a desktop PC from your mobile device - anywhere, anytime;

 • Uncompromised browsing without ‘empty boxes’ on web pages.

 To view some examples of how Flash Player enables you to see your favorite interactive content on your device, please visit m.flash.com on your device browser.

 A list of Adobe Flash Player certified devices can be found at: http://www.adobe.com/go/cd1.

 NOTE: Please check with your device manufacturer or carrier to ensure you have the latest firmware update for your device. For Android 3 and above tablet devices, we highly recommend that you update your OS to at least Android 3.1 to ensure that Adobe Flash Player delivers the best experience possible.

 By clicking “Install” I agree to the License Agreement terms at http://adobe.com/go/eum. Manage your privacy settings at https://settings.adobe.com/flashplayer/mobile.

 This update to Adobe Flash Player 11 includes compatibility with Android 4 supported devices, performance improvements and bug fixes related to security and stability. The complete set of release notes can be found at: http://adobe.ly/H0xv8K.


Download Instructions:

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AutoKiller Memory Optimizer Pro v8.0.1 Apk

Requirements: Varies with device

Overview: AutoKiller Memory Optimizer is not a regular task manager.

 AutoKiller is an award winner minfree tweaker, it fine tunes android systems inner memory manager to keep your device fast over time. As a side effect it also lowers battery consumption. Also includes a manual process/service manager.

 - ROOT REQUIRED to set minfree values, unrooted devices will not have this feature

 - if you have questions or you face errors please check home page or write mail

 - for more details see home page

 - donation is only available via paypal atm. because payed apps are not available in all countries yet

 Donators and PRO users receive additional features:

 - no ads

 - alternate preset enabled

 - Chuck Norris mode enabled

 - alternate preset (while screen is off)

 Please be careful, apps with very similar look and name are distributed, they can be malicious.

 kw: minfree, optimize, memory, process, task, speed, improve, clean, root, magyar

 What's in this version:



 -refresh process list after resume


Download Instructions:


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Tab Pro v1.2.5 APK

Get access to over 150,000 interactive Tabs with playback!

Ultimate Guitar's Tab Pro application for Android combines all the benefits of tried-and-true musical tablature with the most advanced interactive technology!

Whether you want to master a classic rock riff or play along with the chords from a Billboard chart topper, 

  • A thorough database with over 150,000 songs, including a variety of tracks from the heavy metal, alternative rock, hard rock, and pop genres. 

  • Playback tempo control (NEW!)

  • A horizontal mode view to create a more natural approach to reading music with its left-to-right scrolling option. 

  • Chords are shown above the corresponding beats for optimum visual cues.

  • A wide, transparent cursor ensures an unobstructed view of the tablature.

  • The fretboard display gives you the perfect view of the notes' placement on each fret. In this display, the fret tags are numbered accordingly.

  • Our simplest navigation system yet, with options to move the cursor with either your finger or the progress bar.

  • Audio mixing is in your hands thanks to the handy mute and solo options.

  • Come across a song that you'll want to cue up with regularly? The "Favorites" option logs your must-have tunes and makes them readily available for future Tab Pro sessions, even without the Internet access.

  • What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 31, 2012)
    • Loop to help you practice the challenging parts of the song

    • Follow our news and updates through App News section

    • App Tour will familiarize you with the main features of the app

    Required Android O/S : 1.6+

    Full Screen Caller ID v9.0.1 APK

    Full Screen Caller ID shows a full screen image of the person who is calling you!

    The Full Screen Caller ID is a replacement caller screen for your Android Device.

    Using this program you can customize the way your phone notifies you upon incoming & outgoing calls, sms, emails and missed calls.

    Basic Features

    • Full screen notification for incoming calls

    • Full screen notification for outgoing calls

    • Full screen notification for missed calls

    • Full screen notification for incoming SMS

    • All buttons and texts are customizable

    • Use pictures from sd card, internal camera or facebook

    • Customize caller design : pick colors, text size of the notifications

    • Text-to-speech : the full screen caller id can read out loud your incoming calls, sms and mails

    • Facebook integration : pick pictures from facebook or link your contacts with your facebook friends to update all profil pictures with one click

    Advanced Features:

    • Android integration : share pictures from any Android application to set pictures for your contacts

    • Theme support 

    • Answer by buttons : no more slider to move to pick up the phone

    • Answer by sliding the screen.

    • Landscape support : high resolutions pictures can be set for both portrait and landscape mode. 

    • Backup and restore all settings and pictures.

    • Video caller Id (beta)

    • Block annoying contacts

    How to use

    • Please check the youtube video to learn how to use the software. 

    • Full Screen Caller ID will work instantly once installed but you have to assign HD pictures to your contacts to avoid full screen blurry pictures. HD pictures must be assigned from the Full Screen Caller ID menu, not from the stock Android contact application.

    MobileBiz Pro - invoice app v1.18.12 APK

    MobileBiz, the most flexible and feature-rich small business tool on Android!

    The most COMPLETE and FEATURE-RICH invoice app on Android!!

    MobileBiz Pro is a feature-packed sales and billing app for Android. This is a "must-have" if you are doing invoicing on the field. Your data is neatly organized in the app and so you don’t worry about paperwork.

  • Supports your local taxes, currency, and date formats 

  • Track statuses of sales and accept payments

  • Track overall customer balance, invoice cost and profit

  • Send customer statements and receipts too

  • Customizable templates with lots of configuration options

  • Run multiple companies

  • Built-in reports

  • Installed on phones and tablets in many countries, invoices can be sent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. For other languages, templates can be manually edited inside app.

    MobileBiz Pro is helping many small businesses and entrepreneurs since 2010. It is ideal for,

    • contractors, consultants

    • electricians, mechanics, plumbers

    • computer and tech services, automotive services

    • house maintenance, cleaning services, installation services

    • delivery services, design services

    • and many more

    The app easily pays for itself and is clearly the best value for your money. Why settle for less when this is the complete package at a very affordable price!

    See our detailed list of features:

    Sales transactions

    • Create estimates, sales orders, cash sales, invoices

    • Invoices can be emailed, sent by sms, or printed

    • Send customer statements

    • Recurring invoices

    • Create your own reports

    • Import data from Quickbooks

    • Multiple pricing feature

    • Capture signature on invoices

    • Convert estimates to invoices

    • Flexible tax setup (No tax, single tax, or two taxes)

    • Add your own tax codes, payment methods, or sale statuses

    • Auto tax setup for selected countries

    • Apply discounts (body or line level) and shipping charges

    • Use your own transaction numbers

    • Get customers from phone contacts

    • Can lock app and open by PIN

    • Attach files to transactions

    • Use your company logo

    • Very professional looking printouts (PDF or HTML)

    • Print/preview invoices (portrait/landscape orientation, letter/A4/legal page sizes)

    • Send payment receipts

    • Print invoices directly to wifi printer (use external apps)

    • Change print color themes

    • Print almost any information on invoice

    • Send invoices by email or sms, both use templates that can be customized

    • Cc or blind copy yourself when sending invoices by email

    • Include PayPal links to pay invoices

    • Reports for sales, taxes, profitability, and inventory

    • Alerts for estimates, bills and due invoices

    • Track payments (cash, credit cards, checks or your own payment method)

    • Track customer balance

    • Track cost of goods sold per invoice

    • Take notes for invoices, customers, and even items

    • Inventory level tracking

    • Customize print templates, email templates, sms templates

    • Add custom fields for your custom data


    Maintain your own catalog of goods and services

    Supports barcode scanning

    Out of Stock Items report

    Data management

    • Automated scheduled backup

    • Restore from backup (Dropbox or sdcard)

    • Import/export by CSV (Dropbox or sdcard)

    • Import data from Quickbooks

    What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 31, 2012)
    • Changed the default location of company logos and item pictures in Dropbox

    • Can convert quotes to cash sale

    • Can convert sales order to cash sale

    • Can change transaction numbers directly from invoice screen

    • Project name now visible on sales list (including Sales Register report)

    • Item description can be shown on Items Sold report

    • Customer ID can be shown on Sales Register and Customer Profitability reports

    • Fixed FC when recurring invoice setup is saved without a Next Date

    Required Android O/S : 2.0+

    Monday, July 30, 2012

    Vaulty Stocks v3.6.2 Apk App

    Requirements: Android 1.6 and up

    Overview: Hide pictures and videos in a hidden app!

     Keep your private pictures and videos safe from prying eyes by hiding them in Vaulty Stocks. Vaulty Stocks looks and works just like a real stocks lookup app but hides your secret pictures and videos in a personal vault. No one will even know you have anything to hide.

     Hide pictures and hide videos from your gallery with unlimited picture and video concealment quickly and easily!

     Need help? Visit our website http://goo.gl/EjRnX or send us an email at support@squidtooth.com before leaving a review.


     ★Hide pictures

     ★Hide videos

     ★Hidden as a functioning stocks app!

     ★Share hidden pictures and videos option

     ★Picture slideshow

     ★Easy to use!

     ★Gallery for quick and easy hiding

     ★Folder organization


     ★Password recovery option

     ★Zoom pictures

     ★Multi-select for easy file management

     ★Sort and filter options

     ★File renaming

     ★Hidden files cannot be viewed even by file managers

     ★Fastest and most secure private gallery

     ★Tons more great features and even more coming soon!

     When you buy Vaulty Stocks you’ll get all future updates for free! You only have to buy it once. Even if you get a new phone you can just install it again at no additional cost. Google has a 15 minute refund limit but if you’re not satisfied after that, just email us your order information and tell us how we can do better for a full refund support@squidtooth.com

     Still not sure, try the free version here http://goo.gl/E72iR

     Have ideas for Vaulty? Tell us about them http://goo.gl/GDyvU

     We'd love to hear them.


     MODIFY USB STORAGE/SD CARD CONTENTS Vaulty needs this to hide your files on your phone. Vaulty does not host your files.

     WAKE LOCK to keep screen on during slideshow

     What's in this version:

     Improved image quality

     Interface improvements

     Fixed bug with password field

     Fixed unhiding gallery refresh issue


    Download: Released by chathu_ac

    DroidEdit Pro (code editor) v1.14.9 Apk App

    Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

    Overview: DroidEdit Pro - a source code editor for Android with SFTP support

     DroidEdit Pro - a source code editor for Android with SFTP support

     DroidEdit is a text and source code editor for android tablets and phones with the following features:

     - Syntax Highlighting for several languages (C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, LaTeX, SQL, ...)

     - Several color themes

     - Infinite undo & redo

     - Search & replace

     - Auto & block indentation

     - Keep opened files and changes between sessions

     - Open files directly from dropbox or a file manager

     - Character encoding support

     - Keyboard shortcuts (List below)

     - Share documents with other services (dropbox, email, ...)

     - Preview HTML files in browser

     - Bracket matching

     - Go to line

     Pro version only features:

     - SFTP support (not FTP)

     - Dropbox support

     - Custom themes

     - Run external commands through SSH

     - Root mode


     - Ctrl-N New Document

     - Ctrl-S Save Document

     - Ctrl-O Open Document

     - Ctrl-C Close Document

     - Ctrl-D Open/Close Document List Menu

     - Ctrl-Z Undo

     - Ctrl-Y Redo

     - Ctrl-F Open/Close Find Menu

     - Ctrl-L Go to Line

     - F3 Find again

     - Ctrl-Shift-N New Document (with encoding)

     - Ctrl-Shift-O Open Document (with encoding)

     - Ctrl-Shift-S Save Document As…

     - CTRL-A/CTRL-E or Home/End Goto Line Start/End

     - CTRL-Left/CTRL-Right Goto Previous/Next Word

     - Ctrl-1 to Ctrl-9 Go to opened document

     Using different character encodings:

     - To open a document with a different character encoding than the default: long press the open file button

     - To create a new document with a different character encoding than the default: long press the new file button

     - You can make this behavior the default in the preference screen

     Long pressing the save document button allows you to save a document with a different filename


     DroidEdit is specially useful for new generation android tablets with external keyboards like the Asus Transformer.

     Try Hacker's Keyboard for a developer friendly virtual keyboard.

     You should try the ad supported DroidEdit Free before buying this app. The ad free version has exactly the same functionality as the paid version except it doesn't have SFTP support, Dropbox support, Custom themes and root mode.

     What's in this version:

     Version 1.14.9

     * Previewing local HTML files now asks to select browser


    Download: Released by chathu_ac

    SpeedView Pro v3.0.1 Apk App

    Requirements: 2.1+

    Overview: SpeedView uses the phone's built-in GPS system to show your current, maximum and average speed, as well as direction, total distance and time traveled. Suitable for running, car driving, biking or hiking.

     * High accuracy

     GPS-based speedometer that is more accurate than the one in your car.

     * Linear compass

     Shows your direction of travel. Compass mode is also available.

     * HUD mode

     Mirrors the numbers so you can place the phone under your car's windshield and see the speed reflected on it in the dark.

     * Speed graph

     Displays a graph chart covering the last several minutes.

     * Speed warning

     You can set speed limits for three different types of roads, so when you go over a visual alert or sound will notify you.

     * Display units

     Supports units such as miles, kilometers and nautical miles.

     * GPX track export

     Enables you to save your current track to SD card or email it to someone. GPX format is supported by many applications.

     * Background mode

     You can minimize the program and keep it running in background. It will work as usual and even notify you when you exceed the speed limit!

     Please note that the accuracy depends on your GPS reception quality. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them on our blog.

     What's in this version:

     • Updated interface design

     • Support for extra high-density screens

     • New customizable speedo graphics

     • User-selectable indicator views

     • Smooth compass and speedo animation

     • Automatic GPX export option

     • New algorithm for GPS filtering

     • Service now runs in the foreground

     • Auto switch to GPS heading option

     • Better organized settings screen

     • Support for 1280×720 resolution

     • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) compatibility

     • Many other tweaks under the hood


    Download Instructions:


    iPhoned HD Apex Theme v1.0 APK

    iPhoned HD Theme for Apex Launcher.Inspired by iOS/iPhone design!

    iPhoned HD Theme for Apex Launcher.Inspired by iOS/iPhone design.All icons replicate the default iphone icons, over 8 icon-(backs) included so non themed app icons will still look original. Tons of Wallpapers and more icons are coming with updates! We hope you enjoy this theme!

    Important tips:

    • This app will not show up in your app drawer. You need to have Apex Launcher (v1.2.0+) to use this theme.

    How to apply

    • After Installing Theme – Complete the following steps

    • Apex settings > Theme settings > iPhoned HD > Apply

    Required Android O/S : 4.0+

    Download : 12Mb APK

    Travel GO LauncherEX Theme v1.0 APK

    Away from the city...Away from the noise...I going to travel...!

    Away from the city...Away from the noise...I going to travel...

    space style wallpaper

    more than 70 icons

    The weather widget named"Weather forecast"on the screenshot

    If you like this theme, Please give us the score in the market!check out our other themes. Click on "More from the developer" or search for Freedom Design here in the market.


    • GO launcher theme is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX installed. 

    • Search “GO Launcher EX” on Google Play Shop and install it for free.

    How to Apply the Theme

    • 1. Directly open the theme after successful installation. 

    • 2. or back to Menu>Theme, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.

    How to Change Wallpaper

    • Click Menu>Wallpaper, and select the wallpaper you like.

    How to Change App Icons

    (Some devices might not automatically apply the icons)

    Long press some app icon>Replace>Theme’s icon, and then choose the icon you like.
    Thank you for your continued support. Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or suggestions.

    Required Android O/S : 2.0+

    Download : 3.2Mb APK

    N.O.S. Car Speedrace v1.22 APK

    Then N.O.S. Car Speedrace is the right game for you! WIth its amazing 360 degrees physics emulation you will experience the most amazing car crashes you ever seen on your device breaking through smoke and fire.
    This is an adrenaline pumping racing game set on the famous oval circuits of Daytona,Indianapolis,Atlanta,Bristol,Darlington and Las Vegas.

    Features : 

    • Online multiplayer against racers from multiple device types

    • Amazing 360 degrees physics emulation

    • High resolution

    • 12 amazing cars and 6 oval tracks based on real circuits

    What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 30, 2012)

    • Added support for ICS 4.0.X

    • Fixed problem on textures on certain device types

    Required Android O/S : 1.6+

    Screenshots :

    Download: 38Mb Zip (APK + Sd data)

    (Copy 'NOSCarSpeedrace' to sd root)

    Trillian Pro v1.2.0.11 Apk

    Requirements: Android v2.1+

    Overview: Trillian for Android helps you organize and stay in touch with your IM and social friends while on-the-go.

     Trillian for Android helps you chat with your IM and Facebook friends while on-the-go. Receive C2DM push notifications, send pictures and messages, and optionally synchronize with Trillian for Mac, Windows, and Web. You can even use Trillian to Trillian messaging to save on SMS costs!

     Recent changes:

     Bugfixes and a compatibility fix for 2.2 (and below) users.

     Latest version: (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)


     Enable Pro features and no ads.


    Download Instructions:


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    TeenShield v0.16 Apk

    Requirements: 2.2+

    Overview: Keep your kids from using their phone when they should be sleeping.

     This app is for parents who want to stop their kids from using their phone late at night when they should be sleeping. The parent installs this on their child's Android phone, sets the time of day to disable and sets a password. The child will not be able to use the phone during the preset hours for calls, text, internet access or gaming. The will still be able to call 911 and send or receive calls and text messages from one emergency number: the parent's phone.

     Released by Market Militia


    Download Instructions:

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    Netmask Calculator Pro v1.95 Apk

    Requirements: 2.2+

    Overview: A flexible and easy to use netmask calculator

     This netmask calculator displays the appropriate network address, broadcast address and the maximum number of hosts on the network, based on the IP address and netmask entered by the user.

     You can also scroll through the netmasks by tilting your phone.

     Displays IP Address, Netmask, Network Address, Broadcast Address and the number of hosts on the network, in Decimal, Binary and Hexadecimal.

     Released by Market Militia


    Download Instructions:

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    Sunday, July 29, 2012

    BusyBox Pro v9.0 Apk App

    Requirements: Android version 2.1 and higher

    Overview: The fastest, most trusted, and most popular BusyBox installer and uninstaller! Over 2 million installs! Winner of best Utility Software award for Android via Handster. This is the ONLY Installer on the market that will allow you to remove Busybox (If supported on your phone) AND the only open sourced installer!

     Source: https://code.google.com/p/busybox-android/

     Featured on the BusyBox website at: http://busybox.net/products.html

     The BusyBox source code can be found here: http://git.busybox.net/busybox/

     A must have for any rooted phone! Almost EVERY rooted applications needs BusyBox to perform their magic, if you have a rooted phone then you need BusyBox.

     Pro version contains no ads or nag screens, uninstall feature, custom tune feature, the ability to hand pick the applets you want, safety check for missing applets on start, and better overall support. The pro version will receive more frequent updates than the free version will.

     This installer has the smallest Busybox binaries available, right around 700kb unlike the other installers which are over a meg. Also this installer does not require you to download anything extra like other installers do and thus works much faster.

     Please note I did not write BusyBox! I wrote this installer, cross compiled BusyBox for Android. Please see the about menu option for more details or here: http://www.BusyBox.net

     BusyBox is a software application that provides many standard Unix tools, much like the larger (but more capable) GNU Core Utilities. BusyBox is designed to be a small executable for use with the Linux kernel, which makes it ideal for use with embedded devices. It has been self-dubbed "The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux".

     This version includes 1.19.4, 1.19.3, 1.19.2, 1.18.4, and 1.18.5 no need to have more than that because it takes up space on your phone and each newer version will still contain the older features, unless I forgot to compile them in.

     Leave this installed if you always want to get the latest version of busybox!

     tags: busybox, utility, terminal, emulator, root, stericson, adb, toolbox, rom, unlock, jailbreak, root, linux, unix, shell, script, tools, android, installer, busybox installer, (Confirmed Amazon)

     What's in this version:

     v 9.0

     Fixed some bugs, rewrote the core library that the application runs on, hopefully resulting in faster speeds. Improved detection ability for binaries such as su, busybox, and other required binaries.

     Fixed some bug reports.

     Please email me with stacktraces if you have force closes!


    Download Instructions:


    MoboPlayer v1.3.216 Apk App

    Requirements: Android OS 1.6+

    Overview: The best video player on Android! Watching your any videos on Phone and without conversion, anytime and anywhere.

     We feature the best playback experience and quality.

     Our video player supports:

     All video formats (need to choose "software decoding" mode in most cases)

     Popular subtitle formats such as SRT, ASS, and SAA

     Subtitles built in MKV, MPV, MOV, and others

     Multi-audio streams and multi-subtitles

     Playlists and continuous play on same type files

     Videos streamed through HTTP, RTSP protocols

     Media libraries and sort videos by type

     Thumbnail displays of videos

     Mobo 1.3.216 Build (2012-07-29)

     Added: Floating Window playback when press Home key

     Added: Double-click the Floating Window to pause

     Added: Return to normal playback view by press logo on Floating Window

     Fixed: Suport Android 4.1

     Fixed: FC when scan some AVI files


    Download Instructions:


    HDR Camera+ v2.23 Apk App

    Requirements: Android OS 2.2+

    Overview: Capture high quality HDR images in full resolution

     Capture high quality High Dynamic Range images:

     - Full resolution

     - Take HDR image in one tap

     - HDR image fused and tone-mapped on device within seconds

     - Don't have to be rock-solid while shooting

     - Correct handling of moving objects and de-ghosting

     - You can control tone-mapping parameters: contrast, micro-contrast, color vividness, exposure

     - Save original exposure bracketed images

     - Location tagging

     - Shutter sound can be muted

     - Support for Flash on/off/auto

     Why HDR


     Real life scenes often have a wide range of light intensity, which cannot be captured by a camera. In a photo of such a scene the bright areas look washed out and everything in shadows is pictured as a black spot with no details. The HDR technique allows you to capture details in bright and dark areas and have them merged in a single photo.

     HDR photography is widely adopted by professional photographers. Wouldn't it be nice to have an HDR in mobile phones?

     The problem is that HDR requires taking several differently exposed images in series, which must be precisely aligned and then fused. In order to be usable for real life scenes, the HDR feature should include moving object detection and hand shake compensation to avoid or minimize the ghosting in the final image. That requires a lot of computational resources and makes a challenge even for professional desktop HDR software.

     Almalence has brought its expertise in professional HDR software to mobile phones. Our HDR fusion algorithms compensate hand shaking and detect moving objects in the scene, suppressing ghosting artifacts. At the same time, the algorithms are quick enough to provide comfortable processing time on mobile devices.

     What's in this version:

     - support for quad-core processors

     - tweaks for Samsung Galaxy SIII

     - better highlight recovery

     - better adjustments screen (Instagram-like presets added)


    Download Instructions:


    Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs v3.2.105 Apk

    Requirements: Android 2.0 and Up

    Overview: Idioms and phrasal verbs dictionary with 24,000 entries and 27,000 senses.

     The most practical reference to the idiomatic and verbal expressions of contemporary American English!



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    BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS v4.6.4 Apk

    Requirements: Varies with device

    Overview: Play in the outdoors with GPS and offline topo maps!

     Use your phone or tablet as an offroad topo mapping GPS with the bestselling outdoor navigation app for Android! Explore beyond cell coverage for hiking, hunting and more.

     Download topo maps for the US and some other countries in advance, so you won't need cell coverage when navigating.

     This uses many publicly available map sources as free downloads. It also has some additional content available as an in app purchase:

     -Accuterra Map Source on sale for a $20 upgrade. This can be purchased and used with or in instead of the free sources.

     -Boundary maps for 12 western states from the Bureau of Land Management(BLM) for $7.99. Great for hunters, hikers, and prospectors.

     -Content from US TrailMaps for $15.99, including:

     -Snowmobile Trail Maps for Snowmobiling enthusiasts,

     -ATV Trail Maps

     -Whitewater Trail Maps,

     -Equestrian Trail maps.

     See these in the menu under More-> "Purchasing AddOns".

     You may try the DEMO version to make sure you like the maps in your country.

     NOTE: If you've already purchased this or any paid app, you can install it at any time from 'My Apps' in the Android Market.

     Use offline topo maps and GPS on hiking trails without cell service! The GPS in your Android phone can get its position from GPS satellites, and you don’t have to rely on your data plan to get maps. Have more fun and safe GPS adventures in the backcountry.

     Preload offline topo maps, aerial photos, and road maps on your storage card, so they are ready when you need them for your GPS navigation. Free map source are built into the app.

     Add custom GPS waypoints in longitude and latitude, UTM or MGRS grid reference. Import GPS waypoints from GPX files. Choose mapsource-like icons for GPS waypoints. (This app uses the WGS84 datum, NAD27 is available in settings).

     Use GPS for hunting a waypoint or geocache, for recording tracks and GPS waypoints on your trip, all the while tracking your GPS quest on topographic maps.

     About topo (topographic) maps: Topo maps show terrain through color and contours, and are useful for navigation offroad. Topo maps and GPS can be used for hiking, hunting, kayaking, snowshoeing, & backpacker trails.

     You can create your own maps with Mobile Atlas Creator. Built in sources include:

     OpenStreetMaps and NASA landsat data worldwide

     OpenCycleMaps showing terrain worldwide

     USA Topo Maps

     NR Canada Topo Maps from Toporama

     NOAA RNC Nautical Charts

     USGS Color Aerial photography

     UK Ordinance Survey Explorer Maps

     Topographic Maps of Spain and Italy

     Outdoor maps of Germany and Austria

     Topo maps of New Zealand

     Above sources are generally free to use.

     Here are some of the outdoor GPS activities BackCountry Navigator has been used for:

     As a hiking GPS both on hiking trails and off trail.

     Camping trips to find that perfect camping site or find your way back to camp with GPS.

     Hunting trips for hunting wild game in rugged areas.

     Recon for the hunt or a live hunting trip.

     Bait fishing or fly fishing with a buddy: mark your favorite fishing spots and navigate.

     Search and Rescue (SAR).

     Kayak and canoe trips on inland lakes and streams or marine, coastal waters.

     Backpacker trips: using topo maps of wilderness areas and national forests to navigate on trails with the GPS.

     Snow adventures including snowmobiling, skiing (alpine or cross country) and snowshoeing. Try this on snowmobile trails with the new addon.

     Find your own ways to have fun in the outdoors. Be a maverick by venturing into new territory beyond cell service boundaries with your GPS. Become a pro at navigation with GPS for allsports for the outdoors.

     BackCountry Navigator has been previously available on WM devices and preloaded on the Trimble Nomad outdoor rugged device. This Android version is more flexible, featured, and fun.

     For a one time fee, this a great addition to the outdoor gear you bought at Cabelas, REI, or another outdoor store. Your android phone could substitute for a Garmin or Magellan outdoor handheld GPS!

     What's in this version:

     OSRef conversion fix.

     Enter waypoint from search bar.

     Updates: USGS Aerials now uses National Map

     Southern Europe map choices: More resolutions on Italy map.

     Faster downloading! Up to ten times as fast.

     More reliable selection for downloads.

     New Map Source: 4umap: Free Topographic map of Europe

     New Map Source: Catalunya

     Addons include Accuterra map source,SnowMobile trail maps, ATV, Equestrian, Birding, and Whitewater trail maps, and BLM Land Boundary Maps of 12 western states.



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    WordCam! (FULL) v1.22 Apk

    Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

    Overview: Words + Camera = ART! Turn your images into amazing typographic art using TEXT.


     They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but how about a picture MADE of a thousand words!?

     WordCam lets you create fantastic visual masterpieces using your photos or your camera and text! Your photo is created from scratch using any words you want.


     ☆ Capable of single letter, single word or multiple words

     ☆ Can use any characters you wish!

     ☆ Select one or several fonts

     ☆ Simple fine-tuning controls allow you to edit and perfect your image

     ☆ Fast processing time

     ☆ Save to local storage or share

     ☆ NO ADS. EVER!


     ☆ More fonts!

     ☆ Improved word placement and removal of some overlap

     ☆ Other image enhancement controls

     Got other ideas? Let us know on our Facebook page (and "like" us too!)


     Want to test drive WordCam first? Try the free demo version:




     ✔ Simple objects with clutter-free backgrounds work BEST.

     ✔ Experiment! WordCam can be really amazing but you HAVE to experiment.

     ✔ Please show us your artwork or tag @WordCam! A picture is worth a thousand words and we really want to see it!



     Sorry about that, but give us a chance to fix it! Please email us at wordcam@noofusion.com, or post on our Facebook wall. We're eager to keep improving WordCam and CRAVE all your input!


     Quick steps to AMAZING works of art:

     1) Add one or more words (short words work best) to your word list

     2) Select one or more fonts to use in the transformation

     3) Either select an image from your mobile gallery OR take a new snapshot with your phone or tablet's camera

     4) That's it! Within seconds, WordCam will create a unique masterpiece from scratch!

     Save your art to your gallery or share with any other installed application (Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, etc).

     Let your friends know that you created your image using WordCam. Share it on our Facebook page. We're anxious to see what exciting, magical, artistic and fun creations you post! We'll be happy to share those works with our fans!

     Have recommendations for enhancements?

     Email us at: wordcam@noofusion.com, and you may very well see your request show up in a future release.

     Already on our list:

     1) More fonts!

     2) Various controls to enhance your creations (brightness, contrast and sharpness)

     3) A new photo sharing community so everyone can enjoy your creations

     See or post some examples on our Facebook page! LIKE us too!


     Follow us on Twitter!


     Enjoy your new word camera!

     What's in this version:

     Fixing issue where some mobile devices were rotating images taken with the camera.



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    ClockQ Analog - clock widget v1.0 APK

    Highly customizable, modern analog clock widget for your homescreen!


    Customize color of clock dial and/or hands as you wish to fit your screen.









  • Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Widget Works v1.1 APK

    Widget Works! All in one widgets for your personalized android home screen!

    Widget Works! A suite of all in one home screen widgets designed to personalize and accentuate your home screen. With hundreds of clock as well as weather combinations and customization options, Widget Works provides you with the ability to configure widgets with your own personal tastes. Future updates will soon include home screen shortcuts as well as news feeds.

    This application is designed to function on almost all phone models and android versions with 2.2+ (Froyo to Jelly Bean). Most widgets are fairly light weight in resource use terms and due to being able to configure one widget to contain multiple locations, multiple widgets will likely not be necessary. Please test the app as much as possible within the return period to insure that the app functions as it should on your phone.

    Setup and Configuration:

    Upon selecting and placing a widget on the home screen, the app attempts to use gps location services to ascertain the users location. This is so the first widget page can be set up to be the users location (if location check is unsuccessful, the app may lag for a few seconds before configuration begins, please ignore this if that is the case).

    Proceed to enabling those widgets you want to have visible (for now select clock and weather as those are the only ones available). Then select any extra options you may wish to have and proceed to setting up the widget pages. Page 1 is set up automatically if possible. Please verify your location and timezone and type in a description for this widget. Note: you may type in your region/city in the timezone area, but please mind the format for entering the information and select your timezone from the drop down box located under the editable space in order to ensure proper clock timing (Putting anything in the editable timezone box will shorten the list in the drop down box, please select closest major timezone location to yours).

    After setting up the pages you want to be able to cycle through (make sure those pages have their enable page checkbox checked), click customize widget and select your widget styles.

    After widget is set up, please press the finish button and your widget is ready for use. Note, that the visibility button (which itself is invisible) is located on top of the weather icon (or where the weather icon would be if weather was enabled). To properly press the left and right arrows for the description and date, aim within the arrow bounds but more towards the clock. Also, the current date is the one that has current weather and extra data on weather available. The weather is from google weather and is updated every hour. For those wishing for more frequent updates, you may click on the configure icon and then click finish once configuration is launched since that updates the weather to the current time (this is to make sure the phone doesn't lose too much battery life due to constant updates).

    Z Origins - (Z The Game) v1.0 APK

    “Z”, the classic Real Time Strategy Game by the Bitmap Brothers now for Android!

    “Z”, the classic Real Time Strategy Game by the Bitmap Brothers remade for Android. Fans of this classic strategy title are in for a real treat. Everything is in here from the terrific comedy cut scenes to the frantic game play making this is the definitive version of Z.


    • Z is a real time war game played in a totally free environment. 

    • A breathtaking race to capture territory and resources. Crush your enemy before they overpower you. 

    • Over thirty minutes of humorous movie sequences provide intros and outros for each level. 

    • Movie and in game voiceovers are spoken in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish. 

    • Z has a conditional Music system, which reflects in real time the mood of the battle. 

    • Z has six types of Robot soldiers each with their own individual personalities. Will they carry out your orders and march into the jaws of hell? Or will they chicken and run? 

    • Robots perform up to 40 different actions, armed with rifles, machine guns and antitank missile launchers. 

    • Twenty challenging levels set on five planets each with a unique terrain ranging from Arctic waste to lands of fire and lava. 

    • In game world map and radar which can be displayed at any time. 

    • Lots of hardware for you and your soldiers to control, ranging from three types of tanks, jeeps, repair vehicles and armoured personal carriers to field guns and missile launchers. 

    • Robot leaders provide you with spoken alerts throughout the game. 

    • Capture and control installations including factories manufacturing robots and vehicles, radar and vehicle repair facilities. 

    • You choose what kind of robot or vehicle your factories manufacture. 

    • Z comes with pictorial player guide. 

    • Scoreloop achievements

    Z is... the fastest, funniest, most frantic, feature-packed action-strategy game you'll play this century!

    Z,Zed,zed,rts,real time strategy game,conquer,command,action,bitmap brothers,retro

    Required Android O/S : 2.2+

    Saturday, July 28, 2012

    Camera360 Ultimate v3.3.6 Apk App

     Requirements: Android 2.2+

     Camera360 Art in Your Hand.

     Camera360 is a worldwide popular camera app for Phone, and ever pointed as one of TOP 100 technology products by PC World. With its simple operations, fantastic effects, and fluent UE, Camera360 won support and favor from more than 20 million fans in every corner on the earth within just one year. Camera360 finally leads fashion of phone photography’s development.

     V3.0 is nearly a new birth of Camera360. It brings such surprises as

     Front camera is available, and can work full screen on phone with high resolution;

     New UI—make operations easier;

     New photo processing engine—speed up photo shooting and processing;

     New interfaces of effects selection and scene camera—much easier to select effect and switch to scene camera;

     New management of photos—classify ‘MY PHOTOS’ by date, and you can find what you want quickly;

     New share function—make share easier and more wonderful;

     We insist that we should remember our beautiful life moments in an easy and fast way with amazing photos.

     Camera360(in Chinese pinyin Xiangji 360) — Art in your hand.

     Control phone shooting and remember your beautiful life with Camera360 v3.0 for Android!

     #She got new logo and Chinese name (in Chinese Pinyin Xiangji 360 )#

     #She got new and better UI and UE#

     #She can work full screen on phone with high resolution#

     #She supports both front camera and back camera and it is easier for self-portrait#

     #She got simpler operations of effect selection#

     #She got brand new scene camera and there are numerous scenes waiting for you#

     #She got a new way to manage photos that classify ‘MY PHOTOS’ by date, and it is easier for you to found what you need quickly#

     #She can share your photos to many main social platforms easily#

     Tips: Version 3.0 is for Android 2.2 and up.

     Front camera is for Android 2.3 and up.

     What's in this version:

     1.Optimize in-app gallery UI.

     2.Optimize zoom function on certain model of phones.

     3.Optimize Sina share function.

     4.Optimize Share function of Jiepang.

     5.Unify UI style in "Settings".

     6.Fix a bug that photo taken by Camera360 cannot be localized on map and browser.

     7.Fix a bug that Camera360 will be force closed during photo-saving after incoming call or screen lock coincidence with effect processing.

    Download Instructions:

    GBC.emu v1.4.31 Apk App

    Requirements: Android 1.6+

    Overview: Emulate the classic Gameboy (Color) hand-held on your Android device

     Emulate the classic Gameboy (Color) hand-held on your Android device

     Gameboy (Color) emulator based on Gambatte 0.5-wip (GPL), designed and tested on the original Droid/Milestone, Xoom, Galaxy S2, and Xperia Play, but works on many devices with similar specs.

     Features include:

     * Selectable color palettes when playing original GB games

     * Backup memory and save state support, auto-save and ten manual slots for save states. State files from Gambatte should work on GBC.emu and vice-versa.

     * Supports games in .gb and .gbc formats, optionally in .zip files

     * Configurable on-screen multi-touch controls & keyboard support (needs Android 2.1+ for multi-touch, up to 3 touches supported at once), and an Xperia Play optimized button layout

     * Wiimote + Classic Controller, iControlPad, and Zeemote JS1 support (no need to purchase a separate app, see website for full instructions)

     * Portrait/Landscape auto-orientation support

     No ROMs are included with this app and must be supplied by the user. A number of public domain games/demos are available at www.pdroms.de. Transfer games anywhere to your SD card and browse to them from within the app (default SD card directory is /mnt/sdcard).

     Follow me on Twitter for updates about my apps:


     Visit the homepage at explusalpha.com for more info, ports for other platforms, and my other apps (including Snes9x EX). Please report any crashes or device-specific problems via email (include your device name and OS version) so future updates continue to run on as many devices as possible.

     What's in this version:

     * Fixed auto-frameskip lockup

     * Sound buffer size option to control latency and new playback code for Android 2.3+

     * Java-based Bluetooth support for devices that can't use the C implementation

     * Option to show/hide status bar

     * Other various fixes (see site for full list)

    Download Instructions:released by Nihon-no-fanboi


    Auto Call v1.0.2 Apk App

     Requirements: Android 2.1+

     Overview: Schedule calls, make fake calls and set reminders with Auto Call.

     Auto Call is not just another fake calling app, it is THE call scheduling app which allows you to schedule real phone calls, and also set up those all important fake calls, which could just rescue you in times of need. This is the only app that also allows you to customize the incoming call screen to suit your device (Android default, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and ICS call screens are available).

     Scheduled calls can also be used for setting alarms. It has a repetition mode so you can specify to have a call everyday at a specific time (think wake up call at 7am for example). Keep forgetting important dates and anniversaries? With Auto Call you can have your phone automatically ring your friend or loved one on that all important date and time. No more forgetting to call mom on weekends… Just schedule a call for every weekend with Auto Call.

     For more features, see below:


     ✮ Schedule fake calls to rescue you from awkward situations.

     ✮ Schedule real calls so you receive a phone call from a friend just in the knick of time.

     ✮ Set up call reminders so you never forget to call the all important people in your life.

     ✮ Can schedule repeated calls for recurring events (birthdays, anniversaries, appointments, …)

     ✮ Set up wake up calls for yourself; you no longer need to rely on someone else to call you.

     ✮ Receive a phone call as an alarm, instead of having that annoying beep.


    Download Instructions:


    Jelly Bean HD Theme 5 in 1 v1.2 APK

    Theme, designed for Go Launcher, Apex launcher + lockscreen + gowidget theme now!

    Theme JB HD pack icons for any launcher + Pack GOWidget skin + Golockscreen, is available now!


    • Go Launcher EX 

    • Nova Launcher

    • Apex Launcher

    • ADW Launcher Ex

    • ADWLauncher Free

    • Go Launcher HD tablet

    • OpenHome 6

    • Rabbit Launcher

    • Launcher Pro

    • MX Home 

    • Launcher-X

    ◇◇ Jelly Bean HD Theme GO Launcher EX Theme, specially designed for GO Launcher EX ◇◇

    Provides delicate app icons,Desktop Visualizer DVR, wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right now and have a completely new makeover of your Android smartphone.

    Get the look of Android 4.1 'Theme Jelly Bean' for your favorite launcher!

    JELLYBEANS Theme Style theme that works with:


    • Walpaper Hot Girls

    • GO Task Manager Widget

    • GO Twitter Widget

    • GO Message Widget

    • Go SMS PRO

    • Go Locker

    • Go Widgets

    • GO Contacts Widget

    • GO Facebook Widget

    • GO Search Widget

    • GO SMS / MMS Widget

    • GO Switch Widget

    This is a launcher theme "for Apex, Nova, ADWEX, ADW.Launcher,Launcher-X, MX Home, LP, RabbitLauncher, Circle Launcher, Crazy Home, Open Home, VTL Launcher notifications, go widgets anything else. It WILL change the graphics and icons for many popular launcher replacements!


    • New streep Folder!

    • Jellybean concept system icons!

    • Wallpaper HD pack included

    • ADW Theme support

    • Apex Theme support

    • Launcher Pro theme (only icons)

    • Support for Desktop Visualizer

    • Support for Folder Organizer


  • Click Menu>Plugins>GO Locker, choose a theme you like and apply it to your phone.

  • Launcher Pro
    • Phone Settings > Applications > Manage Applications, choose Launcher Pro, select 'Clear Data' and then try to load the icons again.

    theme may also work with Apex Launcher customizable, Nova Launcher, mxHome, Launch-X, Crazy Home Lite, dxTop Lite, Open Home paid, Open Home free, VTL Launcher, Circle Launcher Paid and more!

    ADW users need to manually change the app drawer icon on their homescreen. It can not be done automatically. Long-press or double-tap, choose edit. Select the icon and then choose ADWTheme IconPacks. Choose the theme and then pick the icon of your choosing. We've included a couple!

    Regarding 'Move to SD' availability: If the app is moved to SD Card, you risk the custom icons not loading properly because of how the system loads the SD card.

  • fix memory bar

  • more icons

  • Required Android O/S : 1.6+

    Jelly Bean Live Wallpaper v1.00 APK

    This Wallpaper brings the new Jelly Bean feeling to your android device!

    This Wallpaper brings the new Jelly Bean feeling to your android device with 6 beautifully animated live wallpapers, inspired by three different stock wallpapers. The style editor allows you to fully customize the wallpaper (particle color, size, count etc.) and the new random function helps you to find nice color combinations.

    Required Android O/S : 2.1+

    Download : 600Kb APK

    Dead Space™ v1.1.39 APK

    The sci-fi horror masterpiece DEAD SPACE has finally arrived on Android!

    This stunning vision of the Dead Space franchise is truly a landmark in mobile gaming. Featuring hardcore gameplay and a rich audio experience, immerse yourself in bloodcurdling events that unleash the Necromorph horde. Once you’ve played, this sci-fi horror masterpiece will truly change the way you think about Android games.


    Survive one of the most gripping, bone-chilling experiences on mobile. Cutting-edge visuals – rich in effects and atmospheric lighting – reproduce the cinematic horror of the console game. Featuring a fully voice-acted stereo soundtrack, plus a movie-quality score and sound effects, find yourself fully immersed in the dread of Dead Space.


    Intuitive controls focus you on the action. The on-screen HUD is seamlessly integrated into the game. Navigate 6 varied environments and battle Necromorphs with simple swipe and tap controls.


    Access the new Plasma Saw and Core Extractor, plus 3 more weapons from the Dead Space universe. Also utilize Kinesis and Stasis Modules well-known to players of the console game – and get on with the business of strategic dismemberment.

    Dare to step into DEAD SPACE? Get this critically-acclaimed horror experience on Android NOW!!

    Discover more games from EA like Tetris® free, SimCity™ Deluxe, and Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit. See all our games for Android now!

    Friday, July 27, 2012

    Make Your Clock Widget Pro v1.0.6 Apk App

    Requirements: 1.6+

    Overview: Make Your Own Clock Widget. Add clock weather and battery status.

     Make your very own clock widget design. Ultimate solution for your home screen modding.

     ★★★ Learn more about app at http://www.makeyourclock.com ★★★

     You can create either minimalistic text-based clock widget or full blown (weather, clock, battery) widget by yourself directly in your Android phone.

     Any layout is possible. Except current time and date you can add battery info, weather icon, weather forecast or memory stats.

     NOTE: If you have a Taskmanager/Task Killer running please exclude/uninstall.

     Supported features:

     - you can make your own layout of all elements

     - you can adjusts many options for screen objects

     Supported widget sizes:

     - 1x1, 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 3x1,3x2, 4x1, 4x2


     - 12/24 hours Date & Time

     - Custom date format

     Widget Editor Features:

     - Text size

     - Text color

     - Adjustable color of the text

     - Adjustable transparency

     - Background color

     - Font size

     Widget features:

     - Single Tap to start App

     - Disable Tap on Click

     Web Gallery

     - download designs from the web

     There is also pro version of this widget that contains following features:


     - Battery Voltage

     - Battery Temperature

     - Remaining Battery Capacity

     - Various battery indicators - circle, pie chart (coming soon)


     - Weather forecast autorefresh

     - Beautiful Weather Icon

     - Weather Forecast

     - Current Temperature

     - Minimum Temperature

     Memory space

     - SD card space (coming soon)

     - Internal Memory space (coming soon)

     - Various Indicators - circle, pie chart (coming soon)

     Similar apps:

     - Beautiful Widgets

     - SiMi Clock Widget

     - TypoClock (aka Typographic Clock)

     - Clockr

     - BattStatt

     - mClock

     - wpclock full

     - mWidget

     - Ultimate custom clock (UCCW)

     PLEASE! If you have problems or a question send me an Email. I can't help you if you leave comment on Android Market (I have no contact to you).

     Other apps integration:

     - App can be used also as Locale plug-in. See http://www.makeyourclock.com/tips-n-tricks-locale.html for

     - For integration with Tasker see http://www.makeyourclock.com/tips-n-tricks-tasker.html

     What's in this version:

     We have changed web gallery url from R.MYCREP.NET to GALLERY.MAKEYOURCLOCK.COM.

     Update is mandatory otherwise web gallery will stop working!

     Data transfer from old domain is quite slow so it may cause that some data may be missing in next a few days.

    Download Instructions:


    Moon+ Reader Pro v1.7.0.1 Apk App

    Requirements: Android OS 1.6+

    Overview: Your professional book reader for Android.

     Professional book reader with powerful controls & full functions.

     *Support online ebook libraries and personal calibre ebook server.

     *Read local books with smooth scroll and tons of innovation.

     Support txt/html/epub/umd/fb2/zip/OPDS, key features:

     Full visual options: line space, font scale, bold, italic, shadow, alpha colors, fading edge etc.

     10+ themes embedded, includes Day & Night mode switcher, 20+ background images, 20+ book covers.

     Various types of paging: touch screen, volume keys or even camera, search or back keys.

     24 customized operations (screen click, swipe gesture, hardware keys), apply to 15 customized events: search, bookmark, themes, navigation, font size and more.

     5 auto-scroll modes: rolling blind mode; by pixel, by line or by page. Real-time speed control.

     Adjust the brightness by sliding your finger along the left edge of the screen, gesture commands supported.

     Intelligent paragraph; indent paragraph; trim unwanted blank spaces options.

     “Keep your eyes health” options for long-time reading.

     Real page turning effect with customized speed/color/transparent; 5 page flip animations;

     My Bookshelf design: Favorites, Downloads, Authors, Tags; self bookcover, search, import supported.

     Justified text alignment, hyphenation mode supported.

     Highlight, Annotation, Dictionary (Offline & Online), Translation, Share functions all in moon+ ebook reader.

     Localized in Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Ukrainian.

     Additional benifits in pro version:

     #Ad free

     #Multi-point touch support

     #Shake the phone to speak (Text-to-speech, TTS engine support)

     #Option for password protection at startup

     #Headset keys control

     #Book to desktop shortcut support

     #Customer email support

     What's in this version:


     #Fix Android 4.1.1 crash issue in Spanish, Russian and Chinese

     #Optimize for Nexus 7, update landscape dual-page view

     #Add simple Text Reflow function for PDF


    Download Instructions:


    Premium Weather Widgets v1.1.6 Apk App

    Requirements: Android 2.1+

    Overview: Widgets are beautiful. Premium Widgets are AWESOME!

     High quality Widgets and Weather app. Digital Clock with Weather, additional skins, HD animations!

     Premium Widgets includes a forecast widget, a small clock widget, and a choice of premium clocks, all supporting changeable, additional skins.

     With just a touch, the app enters full screen mode, including a detail page with beautiful weather HD animations. Other features include choice of weather service, location-aware weather, weather by city name, and automatic language detection.

     Main Features:

     - 3 Different Premium Clocks with weather

     - Small Clock and weather

     - 3-day weather forecasts

     - over 40 fancy weather icons!

     - Special effects (rain drops, sunshine, clouds)

     - Supports unlimited additional skins

     - Full Screen HD weather animations (night & day)

     - 2 weather services

     - Works with city name or GPS

     Beta testers and reviewers told us that Premium Widgets is among the best apps on Android Market:

     "I love your HD widgets"

     "Weather animation are really great, you should include a Live Wallpaper as well"

     "Wow! stunning graphics!"

     "Beautiful, really beautiful widgets"

     "Pizero Design you done a great job"

     "Brilliant themes!"

     If you like this app, please leave a positive, 5 star review. It's really important and it will help making the app ever more beautiful in future! Suggestions for future versions are welcome!

     If you have any problem with this app, don't leave a bad review which never helps, but contact us instead. We will do our best to solve the issue immediately!

     What's in this version:

     - NOTE: If you are upgrading to 1.1.5 it is recommended that you uninstall completely the app, and then reinstall.

     - New MiBlack Theme

     - New MiWhite Theme

     - New settings screen

     - Fixed problem with GPS position

     - fixed problem with temperatures


    Download Instructions:

    X-plore File Manager v3.01 Apk

    Requirements: Android v2.1+

    Overview: X-plore is dual-pane file manager with tree view, LAN/FTP/Root/Clouds and more.


     * Dual-pane tree view

     * Root, FTP, SMB, Sqlite, Picasa, Zip, Rar explorer

     * Cloud storage access: Google Drive™, Dropbox, SugarSync, Box.net

     * Favorite folders

     * Built-in viewers for images, video, audio, text

     * Hex viewer

     * Fast Image viewer with zoom and slide to previous/next images in folder

     * Thumbnails for images and video as well as for various file types (depending on associated application)

     * Multi-selection - always available, yet not disturbing

     * View APK files as ZIP

     * Share - send files by Bluetooth, email, or whatever the device supports, from any location

     * Configurable buttons and key shortcuts

     * Seamless work with Zip (as if it was normal folder)

     X-plore allows you to see inside of your Android phone or tablet.

     This is a dual-pane explorer, which means that there're two folders shown at same time, and common operation such as copying files are done from one pane to another.

     And X-plore shows folder hierarchy in a tree view. This offers clear orientation on where in file system you currently are, and fast switching to other location.

     Currently selected folder and files are highlighed, while other folders/files have slighly darker background.

     You may explore internals of the device, and if you're power user and have your device rooted, you can make changes to system data - backup files, remove unwanted applications, etc.

     If you're standard user, you may choose to hide internal memory from view and be sure not to mess with system.

     You can comfortably see contents of your external memories, either be it built-in high capacity memory, external memory card, or possibly USB memory stick attached to your tablet. All these memory types are listed in main level, you don't need to search for their folders on the device.

     Access to FTP and FTPS (secure FTP) servers is supported.

     Multiple servers may be configured. All standard file operations can be done on FTP server.

     X-plore can display shared folders on other computers in LAN (local area network).

     The system allows access to shared folders on computers connected to LAN, or even remote server if it supports SMB protocol.

     X-plore can access various web storage "Cloud" servers, and access their files.

     You need to have account in supported web service, then you can access your files stored online through X-plore.

     Main operations are related to managing files and folders - viewing, copying, moving, deleting, compressing to Zip, extracting, renaming, sharing, and more.

     Picasa albums

     X-plore can list images in Picasa albums, download them, create albums, upload and delete photos, edit captions.

     SQLite database viewer

     X-plore can show SQLite database files (those with .db extension) as expandable list of tables, each table containing list of rows and columns with database entries.

     Main interaction is done by touch screen, clicking on folders or files to open files, or long-click to open context menu which contains options which can be done on particular clicked item, or multiple selected items.

     Multi-selection allows to do operation on more files at once. Files can be selected by clicking check box. It is also possible to select all files in a folder, or clear selection, by clicking parent folder's check box.

     Opening file may mean to use one of built-in viewer for most popular file types: images, audio, video and text.

     Or you may configure X-plore to use system application for opening files, in which case system-predefined application that can open particular file is launched.

     Archives (currently supported are Zip and Rar) are displayed as other folders. You may open them, see contents, and do standard operations that you'd do on files - rename, delete, copy from/to, etc.

     Additional interaction is possible by button bar, which is between two panes, and is fully configurable. You may put buttons of your desired operations here, and change ordering.

     Recent changes:

     ✔ Webdav server access

     ✔ Yandex.disk cloud storage

     ✔ Vietnamese localization

     Less description »

     Latest version: 3.00 (for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)


    Download Instructions:


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    Tablet Talk v1.4.4 Apk

    Requirements: Android 2.1+

    Overview: Tablet Talk - Text Message on your Tablet using your Phone Number!

     Tablet Talk is THE comprehensive SMS app for tablets. Send and receive text messages on your tablet using your mobile number--just as you do on your phone! Tablet Talk integrates nearly every feature from your phone’s SMS app, while also providing other useful functions such as Caller ID and quick reply popups. It is a “must have” app for a complete tablet experience.

     Tablet Talk works by connecting your Android tablet and phone over Bluetooth or WiFi, allowing you to text on your tablet anywhere and anytime. At home? Just connect your tablet and phone to your WiFi network. At work or on the road? Switch to Bluetooth mode and your tablet can SMS without an internet connection.

     When you receive a text, it instantly syncs to your tablet. When you send a text from your tablet, it instantly syncs to your phone, where it is sent using your mobile number. Even status updates for sent SMS sync instantly to your tablet.

     But what about when you don’t have your tablet? Whenever you connect your devices, Tablet Talk will automatically sync any newly sent and received texts to your tablet, ensuring your tablet’s inbox is always up to date!


     INSTRUCTIONS: Install Tablet Talk on both your tablet and phone (you only need to purchase the app ONCE). Setup is very simple, with detailed instructions, troubleshooting, and email support all available from within the app. After initial setup, connecting is as easy as pressing a button. Unless your phone’s IP address (WiFi) changes or you change phones (Bluetooth), there is no need to run setup again. WiFi and Bluetooth settings are saved separately so switching between them is seamless. And options like auto-reconnect reduce the need to interact with your phone while using the tablet.


     FEATURES: Tablet Talk has too many features to list, with more always under development. Highlights include:

     -Quick reply popup windows: just like your favorite phone SMS app, quickly reply to messages without exiting what you’re doing!

     -Caller ID popup notifications

     -Fully functional SMS notifications

     -Automatically syncs contact names & photos from your Gmail account

     -Widget for one-click connect/disconnect

     -Customize ringtone & vibrate for SMS and Caller ID separately

     -Share websites, locations, links, & more using Android’s built in “Share” option

     -Emoticons :-)

     … And many more!


     SUPPORT: There is a detailed help and documentation section within the app, which includes instructions, FAQ, troubleshooting, and more. Additional assistance is available through email at TabletTalkAndroid@gmail.com. If you do not receive an email response within 24 hours, please feel free to resend. Thank you!


     If you would like to try Tablet Talk, please note that we have a 48+ hour refund policy. If you are not satisfied, simply send us an email for a refund. Please include either your first and last name or order number. Refunds will be given within 24 hours. Thank you!


     MARKET ISSUES: If the Market does not let you install the app on your phone after purchasing it on your tablet (or vice versa) then do NOT try to purchase it again! Please try the following:

     1) Android Settings->Applications->Manage applications

     2) Select the All tab

     3) Scroll down to and select Market

     4) Press the clear cache button

     5) Reopen the Market and go to "My apps"

     If it still does not work then email TabletTalkAndroid@gmail.com. Do NOT try to repurchase the app!

     What's in this version:



     -improved stability when syncing all messages (must install on both)

     -small changes/fixes


     -new option to adjust timestamp when syncing messages (under "Sync settings")

     -Floating UI now also affects landscape on smaller tablets


     -Fixed crash when deleting log entry

     UI improvements + more are in development. Thank you to everyone for your valuable feedback!

     Release Info:

     -Retailed by jlow0214

     -Cracked and released by HPR


    Download Instructions:


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    Minimal Reader Pro v3.0.2b Apk

    Requirements: Android 1.6 and up

    Overview: Meet Minimal Reader Pro, the only customizable News *WIDGET* with a handy *Pop-Up* function ! Offline or online, never miss your favourite news with this simple and elegant user interface!

     ** News reading has never been easier, even with large amount of sources :

     _ Display the latest news titles from your favourite websites/blogs right on your desktop and easily scroll through them.

     _ Import your Google Reader Subscriptions or add your own RSS/Atom feeds.

     _ Click on a news title to open the full story in a customizable Pop-up window, works in offline mode too !

     _ Swipe left or right on a pop-up to read the next or previous news article.

     _ Customize the widget and the pop-up to match your home screen.

     _ Many settings available : Filter the News by age, auto scroll, auto refresh ...

     _ You can add as many feeds as you want on the same widget or separate them in several widgets.

     Note : If you are having issues with your feeds disappearing, clear app data, uninstall, and delete any external backup of the like Titanium does. Then Re-install the app.

     Note : The user credentials permission are for logging in to google reader with the google account registered on your phone, it's much more secure than a manual login.

     What's in this version:

     If you're having issues after updating, just clear data, uninstall and re-install** NEW in v3.0.2 **

     - Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Support

     - Fixed the auto refresh issue (now the refresh rate is set through the main app only, the widgets are refreshed at the same time as the app)

     - Improved stability

     - Improved speed

     - Many bugfixes


    Download: Released by chathu_ac

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    Gmail Widgets v3.4 APK

    Gmail Widgets is a collection of beautiful homescreen widgets!

    Gmail Widgets v3.4 play.google.com.gmailwidget
    Gmail Widgets is a collection of beautiful homescreen widgets in different sizes that show the number of unread messages and previews of those messages.
    Compatible with 2.3 (Gingerbread) and later versions, including an exclusive 3.0 (Honeycomb) and 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) stack widget. More coming soon!

    Unlike some of the other Gmail widgets on here, this app works with all the latest versions of Gmail and Android.


    • Updates automatically when new mail arrives (it may not update immediately while you read mails)

    • Shows the first lines of the message in addition to sender and subject (certain widgets only)

    • Supports several inbox types ("classic", important and starred) and labels

    • Supports multiple accounts on one device

    • Open Gmail or compose a new message quickly from the widget

    • Makes your phone look like it has the latest Android 4.0 (ICS)

    • Customisable appearance through 4 themes and icons

    • Four different sizes to choose from, plus a new icon widget and a scrollable stack for newer Android versions

    "Gmail Widgets for Android should be the best tool app I ever seen, install it to show the unread messages and previews to make your phone smarter." AppEggs.com

    Please note:

    • When you perform actions on your new mail, these may not be reflected immediately, even if you refresh manually. The purpose of these widgets is to notify you of new messages as soon as they arrive.

    • It may take up to 1-2 minutes for the widget to refresh the first time and after a reboot. During this time it may not look like anything is happening!

    • Do not attempt to move to the SD card, as this will prevent it from working

    • Send feedback via email if you would like to suggest a feature

    • If you leave a comment, be constructive

    What's in this version : (Updated : Jul 26, 2012)
    • Sometimes it is necessary to re-add the widgets after an update.

    • Added configuration button to larger widgets - change the options without having to remove and add the widgets again! Better handling of orientation changes on the configuration screen. Bugfixes.

    Required Android O/S : 2.3.3+

    Download : 400Kb APK