Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pudding Camera v2.2.3

About Pudding Camera v2.2.3 This is a short guide explaining how you can install an app you found here on your phone. I’m also going to show you a way that’s a lot easier then the standard method everyone uses.

Please make sure your phone has “Pudding Camera v2.2.3 apk” enabled in it’s settings! To check this go to Settings -> Applications -> Unknown Sources and check the box.

You have two options, either put the Download Pudding Camera v2.2.3 apk file onto your phone’s SD card or download and install it directly from your phone.

Sorry We Dont Have Pudding Camera v2.2.3 Cheat Android.Another thing is to simply install a file manager app like Astro File Manager, browse the APK and install it. Remember This applications Only For Smartphone Pudding Camera v2.2.3 Android

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?What’s New in Pudding Camera v2.2.3?

- Optimized Shot areas for Motion 2x2 and Triplex Cameras

- Check out’s Popular pictures from the Gallery

- Check for latest updates and from Settings

- Added alert functions - banners, badges and push notifications

?Creating masterpiece with your smartphone, Pudding Camera?

Carrying around a heavy camera is a little too much. But don’t give up wanting to take beautiful pictures in simple ways. With Pudding Camera, you can create a masterpiece using your smart phone, possibly even better than your DSLR camera!


[Main Features]

* Camera: Reenacted the angle of view for actual cameras

Basic, Snap, Panorama, Fantasy ,Motion 2x2, Motion x4, Fish-eye, Triplex

* Film: Custom-designed filtered effects that add sensible feelings to your photos

Basic, Vintage Brown, Vintage Blue, Vignetting, Dazzle, Mono, Noir, Vivid

* Exposure Settings available (-2.0~+2.0)

* Grid Feature

* Self-portrait Mode

* Mirror image option available on Front camera mode

* Timer Option (Motion 2x2, Motion x4, Triplex)

* Supports various resolution sizes (Small: 472px, Medium: 700px, Large: 1280px, Maximum: ±2048px)

* Photos ordered by date in Gallery

* Gallery: Send email or delete multiple pictures at once

* Easy, instant sharing via, Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and your email

* Language Support: English, Korean, Japanese

** Auto-saving onto will NOT be supported anymore

*** Supported Maximum Size may vary according to device.


[Customer Support]

- If you have any problems using the app, please feel free to contact mobile customer center (app settings > help/customer center)

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